Why do you want to book international flights with American Airlines?

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    American Airlines is one of the major airlines of the United States which offers its operation throughout the world covering 350 destinations. The airline has a fleet size of 951 and headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. Besides, American Airlines serves its customer over 50 countries around the world with a number of user-friendly services. Apart from this, the airline with an average of 140,000 passengers daily handles 51.1 million passengers annually.

    Now the question arises here is why should you book international flights with American Airlines? Since, who doesn't want to have a convenient and comfortable travel, when the choice of American Airlines customer service is available at a reasonable fare? Yes, the airline offers several exciting deals and offers throughout the world by taking care of each and every passenger traveling with American Airlines. Some of the striking features offered by the airline are as follows:

    •     It provides reservation assistance
    •     The airline offers several flight classes as per the passenger's need
    •     Offers reward flights and extra miles for frequent flyers
    •     On-demand in-flight delicious food service
    •     Online check-in, reservations, order special assistance
    •     For some of the international flights, tax exemption is also there
    •     To take care of children and infants the airline provides extra safety service
    •     Above all, the passengers are facilitated with the Advantage Program to give them an additional luxurious service.

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