How to Upgrade to Business Class Saudia Airlines?

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  • Wednesday, 14 November

    There are certain steps through which you can upgrade to business class in Saudia Airlines. First of all, fill all your data, then enter your reservation number and last name in the table shown, after that make your upgrade offer and name your price to upgrade each leg of your flight. Enter your payment information i.e. details of your cards etc. If your offer is accepted, then you will be billed for the upgrade. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you that includes your bidding offer details. Then you have to check, confirm and send back the offer to them. They will notify you via email if your request for an upgrade has been approved.

  • Thursday, 15 November

    By following these steps below you can upgrade your seat to "Business Class" 1-Complete your details In the table appeared on the website then enter your reservation number and last name. 2-Make your upgrade offer & Name your cost to overhaul every leg of your flight 3-Then Enter your payment information Enter the details of your Credit/Debit/Mastercard,If your offer is accepted you will be acknowledged, you will be charged for the upgrade.If not, you don't pay anything and keep the seat you have. A confirmation email will be sent to you that incorporates your offering offer points of interest. **Review your information and send us your offer. We will send you a notification via email if your request for an upgradation of ticket has been approved.**

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