How do You Book a Dead Body on a Plane?

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    Let’s Know the Basic Information to Book a Dead Body on a Plane

    Southwest Airlines is the best in terms of manage and providing the best cargo flight tickets online. At the present time, it is so simple to book a cargo flight in terms of carry dead body at the certain point of the time. This is the best concept that helps to book a flight for dead body after clearance from the hospital authorities and then complete the whole document from Police NOC and get the packing certificate, bill booking and so on. All the things you are required to do as per the rule and regulation to book a flight for dead body.

    How do you Book a Dead Body on a Plane?

    You can contact brokers from the hospital side and for that; you can use your internet browser that will help you to find out the ways to complete the process at the right time. However, if you are not felling comfortable and satisfied with the information you can contact customer representative of Southwest Airlines who will help you instantly.

    Here are the ways to book a dead body on a plane in simple way:

    • First of all, go to the booking website and click on the API link and select the booking tab.
    • You need to first check out the cargo flight service with Southwest Airlines and make sure you have complete documentation for the dead body.
    • It is important to check in death certificate Cause of death, sex, age, the address of the deceased person, date of death, identification and marks, and doctor sign with seal.
    • Select departure date and time and then click on the next button to complete the form online.
    • You need to enter the whole information of the dead body and then you need to arrange the ambulance at the airport.
    • Complete the whole form in which mentioned everything that you need to fill in accurately.
    • You can select the cargo to confirm and then select the ticket to book for the same flight.
    • Select the bank as you used to book a flight and follow the on-screen process.

    Having completed the task click on save button and get the confirmation of the flight ticket as per the date and time that you have mentioned at last during the check-in process.

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