Terms and Conditions

Travomartís primary objective is to serve its consumers best. All its services offered to users are flexible. However, consent to the Terms and Conditions for Travomart.com is essential to use the services because this allows us to keep the information and generate it in one place in case of need.

Below you will view their conditions and their sub-sections in detail; please read out them


To utilize the services, you will be asked to enter into an agreement to follow the set rules by us and other firms, for example, airlines, hotels, cruises, etc. This allowance will also allow us to provide you with some details about the deals, discounts, etc., and use your basic information to generate all the necessary information for you in one place.

However, it is always suggested to go through the terms and conditions cautiously before accepting, as with your assent, you will be able to use the services which we offer.

Visas, Passports, and Health.

As far as any information or requirement with respect to information about passports, visas, and other essential documents, etc., are concerned, you must directly contact the concerned embassies in order to cross-check. Neither we nor the other suppliers held any responsibility for any inconvenience caused by the improper documents, due to which your traveling access is denied by the higher authority.

Jot down crucial passport/Visa related information:

  • You must apply for your password to be updated/valid at least 6 months prior to your flight.
  • You are mandated to carry an ESTA visa to be eligible to fly for all of the USA.
  • For the entire Australia-bound travel, including transiting, ETA Visa is a must.
  • Tarvemart held no authority over the regulation of Visa.
  • For any other details, you must get to the consulate or embassy asking about every concerned detail related to the services or necessity as far as Visas or passports are concerned.
  • As far as the new rules are concerned, you are subject to carrying a new Biometric passport if you are flying to the USA.

Health-related details.

Travomart will indeed offer some basic health-related information to travel. However, there are some terms and conditions you need to keep in mind; please read out them:

  • You are responsible for being updated about your health by your concerned verified doctor and presenting all the associated documents to the authority.
  • Only you are responsible for accumulating all the necessary documents and following the terms as guided by the concerned authority.

Final Travel Arrangements

There are specific guidelines provided to travelers that they must keep in mind to avoid any trouble; give a look at the given points:

  • Prepare all the necessary documents, for example, Visas, passports, insurance documents, medical certificates, etc., properly to produce when necessary.
  • Must get to the airport before the scheduled flight take-off time to avoid any missed flight-like situation.
  • You must be aware of your PNR or ticket reference number when reconfirming


Providing essential and accurate contact details or basic information about the traveler to confirm the booking is mandatory. In case of finding any false information, your reservation can be canceled straight away. However, there are some other things one has to keep in mind, and those are the following:

  • Any detailed amendment option may not be available post filling out a form.
  • You may be charged by the airline for making any changes to your ticket (if available).
  • Any details provided to confirm the booking can be provided to the third party or either travel suppliers.
  • Based on routes, travel class, etc., the additional baggage allowance is given. And the airline may also charge you other fare.
  • If you wish to know about the charges, you are recommended to get to the concerned airline for accurate charges.


An acknowledgment will be provided by us on completing a flight reservation. You must keep this confirmation in order to present when asked by the authority to get aboard.

Cancelation and Amendment.

  • Unless any requests are received by us with respect to cancellation and amendments, they will not be applicable.
  • For any modifications, you will have to incur a particular fee or an amount (GBP 50.00/ Passenger).
  • However, you must note that most airlines do not provide the authority to alter ticket post-booking.


In case of any complaints with respect to the services, you can reach out to the customer support team, who will guide you in all the possible ways. And if you want to make a complaint while on holiday, you must reach the local operator or an agent to lodge your concerned service-related complaint.