What is Southwest Airlines Pregnancy Policy?

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    Flying policy for pregnant ladies in Southwest Airlines

    Southwest Airlines is an American based airline that is situated in Dallas, Texas. Southwest Airlines is famous for its unique policies like baggage, customer care etc. One such policy of Southwest Airlines is flying rules for pregnant ladies. Hence if as a passenger if you are expecting then before booking tickets with Southwest Airlines you can go through Southwest Airlines pregnancy policy is listed below.

    Flying rules during pregnancy in Southwest Airlines:

    • Usually doctors don’t recommend women to fly if they are 14 days away from their due date. Likewise Southwest Airlines does not allow women to travel once they enter into their 36th week of pregnancy.
    • Even if they are flying depending upon their health condition they might not be allowed to sit in emergency exit row.
    • Also if you are having a toddler and if he/she is up to two years of age then in that case they are granted free air ticket
    • Usually medically as well as according to the flight rules of airline, pregnant women are not allowed to travel. But in case they have to then you have to provide for medical certificate.

    Hence if you are pregnant and planning to travel by air then you can go through following policies. Also in case of further doubts or queries feel free to reach out to customer support team.

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