How to Change Name on Flight Ticket?

merrysujen0388 Monday, 12 November 1101 Views


  • Tuesday, 13 November

    If you want to change name of the flight ticket then you should check depending upon that you have book which airlines ticket. Because some airlines provides changing name facility with some charges but some other airlines is not provides type features.

  • Wednesday, 14 November

    You can change your Name on Flight Ticket by following the method here. First you need to Log into the site and enter "My account" after that go to the "My orders" option then go click "Flight tickets" then "Booking " & then you need to click on the "Edit order" so that you can change your name on ticket or can change any other information. but for this in some cases, you are requested to, attach a passport copy or ID of yours or the passenger whom you need to transfer your ticket.

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