How to Change Flight Date in Lufthansa Airlines ?

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    Lufthansa Airlines is the best in terms of booking as well as manage a flight ticket online. At the present time, most of the people know that online service is the best task and when you get to connect with the complete assistance of the customer service you cannot feel monotonous while accessing your account and getting help for the flight service with them. Likewise, if you are trying to change the date for your flight you need to know something important that helps to fix the problem automatically and you can fulfill your requirement simply.

    Get the simple tips to Change Flight Date in Lufthansa Airlines:

    For making any extra changes Lufthansa makes some charges in which you have to pay the amount and complete your task for the changing date or time or passenger’s name as well. If you face any error while doing so, you can get instant help from our customer representative who will provide you the right tactics to change the date of your flight without charges. See how it works.

    • At first, you need to log in your account at the booking website and click on manage booking tab.
    • Select my trip tab and select your flight to make some changes and press the next button.
    • Enter the correct name of the passenger with the mobile phone number and press the next button.
    • Now select the depart tab to change the date for travel and press the continue button.
    • A code will be sent for the date change with Lufthansa for that you have entered the OTP and confirm your change at the last.

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