How to Book Flight Ticket for Dead Body

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    Procedure to Book a Flight Ticket for the Dead Body

    There are a lot of passengers who have a query regarding the transportation of the dead body by air? Well, most of the passengers are not aware, but they can easily carry the dead body as a cargo with them by providing some required documents. So, today in this article, you will be provided with the complete process on how to book flight ticket for dead body. 

    Before starting off with the procedure, here is the list of the few documents that you need to provide to the airline:

    • PNR number of booking with which the dead body cargo is attached
    • Death certificate
    • Clearance from the Police
    • Coffin certificate 
    • Embalming certificate
    • ID proof of the deceased person

    Further, you need to submit all these documents to the airline at least 4 hours before the scheduled departure as formalities take some time.

    Note: When the dead body is packed in the coffin, it is essential that one person travels through the same airline to book the coffin as normal cargo.

    Now, booking a flight ticket for the dead body:

    • For this, you are required to launch the airline website and look for the Booking API.
    • Further, enter your departing location and arrival location in the provided field.
    • After that, enter your Journey date with the total number of passengers and cabin class.
    • Once, done click on continue to choose a flight as per your requirement.
    • Thereafter, you can also book a cargo for the dead body and link it with your reservations.
    • Then, click on Continue and enter the details of the passengers traveling.
    • Once done, move ahead with the booking process and make the payment for the same.
    • Thereafter, a mail will sent to you with booking and cargo details.

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