Can any passenger carry ashes from cremation? Thursday, 12 March 943 Views


  • Thursday, 12 March

    Yes. It is possible to carry ashes from creation to your preferred destination via air as there are lots of airlines carrier proffer such kind of facility where one can carry ashes from cremation. But there are lots of rules and restrictions prescribed by the airlines which are very important to know and follow. If you don't know about the rules, then you can follow the below instructions:

    • Ashes can only be transported in carry-on or checked bags that depend on the airline's carrier.
    • It is also important having a proper documentation before check-in at the airport.
    • A temporary travel urn or container is required before check-in or passing through any security screening.
    • The container of baggage must be kept out or away from the other passenger.

    You can also contact the customer service team of airlines carrier for that you are traveling for the best assistance by making a phone call.    

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