How long before you can check in for a flight online?

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    Details about online flight check-in !


    Almost all the airlines on the world encourage its passengers to make online check -in for a flight, but there is time slot available and you can check -in at 48 hrs before scheduled departure time of flight and the check -in slot closes 90 minutes before scheduled departure for all passengers who possess an e -ticket.

    • Time slot might differ based upon various factors like whether you have opted for international or domestic airlines and what destination you need to fly to. Also, if an adult travels with an infant, one can make online check -in for accompanying adult passenger.

    • Alternatively, you can make check -in through check -in kiosks at airport.

    Online check -in for a flight saves your time from being in long queue at the airport and making check -in. Mostly airlines have launched apps through which one can make online check -in.

    • There are some exceptions to online check -in like children travelling alone who are categorised under unaccompanied minor are not allowed to make online check -in.

    If you need to make further enquiry about airlines services it is better to contact the customer care service of specific airlines. The customer care helpline numbers are open 24 hrs and you can contact them anytime. So, whenever you needed to make any kind of enquiry about services offered by an airline, you can specifically contact the airline.

    Besides, if you need to decide which airline to choose to take a trip to your destination, you can compare the pricing and comfort in the classes that you might get into the airlines, so, if you need any kind of assistance, all you need to do is contact compare the services online and if needed further assistance, you can contact the customer care.

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