Is There Any Discount Available For Babies While Travelling? Wednesday, 11 March 947 Views


  • Wednesday, 11 March

    Air travel is undoubtedly the costliest travel mode and consumes a big chunk of the travel budget. A large number of people wish to take the discount, especially when it is about the discount on child's ticket.

    Forms of discount for child's ticket

    No cost ticket- When we are talking about the child's ticket price then we should definitely look at a few airlines which provide a "free" ticket to the children.

    • British Airways (Provide free tickets for children up to the age of 11).
    • Qatar Airways.
    • Southwest Airlines.
    • Japan Airlines.

    Discounted ticket-There are several airlines which provide discounted tickets to babies for air travel.

    • Emirate Airlines.
    • Air France. 
    • Norwegian Airlines.

    To avail the discount a person must have to show the date of birth document to the airlines at which they want to book the ticket, however, in every airline allow the babies/infants to travel free at their airlines.

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