How to Check Turkish Airlines Flight Status?

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    Check the Flight Status of Turkish Airlines:

    It is important that the passengers  check Turkish Airlines flight status of the booked tickets. The right set of instructions to check the flight status of Turkish Airlines are listed here:

    • Sign in Turkish Airlines Website.
    • Right after signing in to the website of Turkish Airlines, the passengers need to navigate to the bottom of the page of the website.
    • Under the heading Plan & Book section, the passengers need to choose and select the ‘flight status’ option.
    • After selecting the flight status option, the flight status page opens.
    • A  drop box is displayed with ‘Arrival’, ‘Departure’, ‘Flight no.’, and ‘Route’ as options. The passengers may see an an empty box right next to the box.
    • In the empty box, the user needs to enter the required information.
    • Then, the user needs to choose the date from the date drop box.
    • Finally, the user needs to click on the ‘submit’ arrow.
    • At last, the flight status of Turkish Airlines will get displayed.

    The above mentioned steps will assist the passengers in checking the flight status of Turkish Airlines.

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