How to Book Flight Ticket for Cancer Patient

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    Guideline to Booking Your Ticket for Cancer Patients!

    There are various concessions provided by airlines for cancer patients and you can book flight ticket for cancer patient on discount. You need to search for the same and get your tickets booked accordingly. Cancer is a fatal disease but if diagnosed on time and if started the treatment in early phases, can save the patient. However, sometimes it might happen that for treatment, a patient has to move from one place to another, so that, patient gets best possible treatment. 

    • In order to assist the cancer patients, there are many organizations which offer free travel assistance but there is minimum requirement that patient must be ambulatory which means the patient must be able to walk and able to get in and out of the plane but requires minimum or no effort at all and there is also the case that patient should be medically stable as the pilots would not be able to provide the assistance. 
    • So, a traveler must read guidelines when book flight ticket for cancer patient and if need any special assistance one must mention while booking the ticket or have forgot to mention while booking the ticket, it can be mentioned later on under manage the booking section.
    • Carry all the reports with the traveler and it might also be needed that the patient might have to carry a formal note by the doctor that says that the traveler is fit enough to take a flight.

    Contact the customer care of concerned airline(s) to know about the concession and what document are needed to be carried and any additional queries. If you have air miles of any airline you can use the same while booking the ticket. Also, if you need a place to stay, you can contact the customer care and book your ticket accordingly.

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