Privacy Policy

We,, always strive to protect personal information, and our primary objective is to keep every piece of information confidential.

What information do we gather and why?

We gather all the necessary traveler information so it can be utilized to manage travels. However, below are the different points that will clarify what exactly we collect:

  • Payment-related information - Every information related to your card, for example, Expiry Card, card number, etc.
  • Contact Details - Your name, date of birth, residential address, etc., will also be stored.
  • Passport Number.
  • Frequent Flier numbers.

NOTE: All this information is accumulated in order to generate a final report or a ticket for a passenger.

How do we store information?

There are specific windows in which we keep the information of our consumers to generate a ticket or other essential information in case of a need. However, below are the points that will provide you with a crux about the way we store:

  • Your destination and a native country.
  • At the time of enabling marketing notifications from us.
  • Conversation with our executives.
  • You provided information on different programs, competitions, etc.

Find the legal grounds for using your data.

With your consent.

Once you are on our official website to avail of different services, you will be asked to authorize us to use all your data for future purposes. Hence with giving your consent, your data will be used.


We do not enclose any personal information to any other party other than our affiliated parties in order to generate tickets or other essential forms.

Legitimate Interest.

With getting all your data with your consent, we will use your information to send you some marketing offers, for example, offers, discounts, etc. However, you are also privileged to cancel the subscription, and you will not receive any texts.

With whom do we share information?

On the basis of getting consent from our users or consumers, we collect the information and share it with the following:

  • Third parties.
  • Primary suppliers (hotels, car rentals, tour operators, etc.)
  • An executive is involved in completing a reservation with your consent.

For How long do we keep the data?

There are some points that one is required to be aware of, and you can find the information in the points given below:

  • In general, information is kept for six years.
  • Every personal information is kept confidential within a legal jurisdiction.

What are your rights?

We have tried our best to make our consumers not worry about their data, so considering this fact, there are some rights offered to them; please go through the points:

You have the authority to:

  • Delete your information if it is no longer required to be kept.
  • Delete the consent that you gave earlier.
  • Get access to your data.

Amendments to the privacy policy.

We have the authority to change our privacy and policy. However, you will be given every basic information associated with amendments made in our privacy policy. And you can also get to the team to inquire about the same.

How can you reach us?

There is a specific way to get to us to inquire about any of the privacy policy, and the way is mentioned below; please look:

Email Address -