how to refund Qatar airways ticket?

selena813 Monday, 12 November 1496 Views


  • Tuesday, 13 November

    If you have paid for your flight tickets, and want to cancel it then you can cancel your booking and request a refund of your ticket price using the online booking refund form. On that form, you have to mention all the details regarding your booking like name, email, office, booking reference, country code, phone number, etc or you can also contact the Qatar office from where you have booked and paid for your tickets as they will have access to your payment information.

  • Tuesday, 13 November

    The cancellation fees of the Qatar Airways Tickets depend on the type of ticket you hold and in how many hours you are cancelling the ticket. If you are cancelling the ticket within 24 hours prior to the flight then you will be refunded the full amount. No refund will be allowed if the cancellation request is done 7 days prior to departure. For any kind of modifications or cancellation done 7 days less than scheduled departure then cancellation fees will be $ 110 per passenger if done online and $ 120 if done by phone. You can contact the Qatar Airways customer service for further assistance.

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