Why do you want to Book ticket with American Airlines?

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    American airlines is the world’s largest airlines in terms of revenue, fleet size, number of destination served, passenger carried and scheduled passenger flown kilometers.

    American airlines are the major airline of the United States and it’s headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas.

    Reasons to Book a Ticket with American Airlines-

    Flying with American airlines is the best experience you can have. American airlines ticket booking is the simple and easy process and you have plenty of reason to fly with American airlines.

    American Airlines has impressive services for their passengers of every class-

    Domestic First Class-

    In domestic flight, you can have a first class seat and more than 50 first class seats in regional flight. First class cabin is branded as business class in International flights.

    They offer free snacks with of juices and wines, including three courses of delicious meals.

    Premium Economy-

    In premium economy, they have wider seats with footrest and passenger will get two free checked bags, priority check-in, and best quality food with sublime taste and several beverages including free alcohol.

    Main Cabin-

    Main cabin is found on every mainline and regional aircrafts. They have seatback TVs in every seat.

    Basic Economy-

    Basic economy is lowest fare cabin and only available on few routes. With economy tickets, you can’t get upgrade and refund.

    Other than these features, you have plenty of reasons to book a ticket with American Airlines.

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