How Many Hours Before Can You Check-in Air India?

Easy Guide to Check-in on Air India Flight

At Air India, passengers will get the best quality services and facilities, and further, you will get the best crew member assistance. If you have any doubt about Air India services provided to passengers, then in such a scenario, the most competent and knowledgeable information you will be getting through this section for your guidance. The services and facilities you are going to get inboard at Air India would be like they will serve hygienic food and beverages, entertainment facilities like you will get all sorts of movies and web series to watch, and music for giving you the best travel experience. Moreover, you will get comfortable seats as you step into a higher class and vast legroom space for passenger comfort.

However, suppose if you do not have appropriate knowledge about How many hours before you can check in Air India, then in such a scenario at Air India. In that case, web check-in is permitted to travelers, starting from 48 hours in advance, and it can go up to 2 hours before flight departure, which is in concern with international travel. Further, for domestic travel, web check-in is given 1-2 hours before the departure.

For further information which you can quickly get through in case of check-in is clearly stated here for your reference, so to get help, you must go through such points for your help, and you will quickly learn about the check-in process in regards to Air India.

Steps to Follow for Air India Web Check-in:

  • At first, you will have to visit the airline's official website via a preferred web browser.
  • After that, click on the manage our trip section. 
  • Now you need to select the check-in facility amongst the listed check-in option. 
  • Next, either you need to choose an electronic ticket number or booking reference number along with 13 digit ticket number and date of journey and departure airport.
  • After this, you need to go for seat selection from the page.
  • Once your seat is confirmed, your boarding pass will be issued. 
  • Print boarding pass to complete the Air India web check-in process. Herein a confirmation slip will be issued of a boarding pass. 
  • While you travel on the date of your journey, you will have to carry the printout of this confirmation slip and complete the remaining formalities at the airport ticket counter to have your boarding pass

Hence, after knowing all points regarding web check-in at Air India, you now need to know about some points to remember against Air India check-in time, after which you will have to keep some essential things while check-in at Air India premises.

  • Along with printout of the boarding pass, you must carry all valid photo IDs.
  • At the check-in time, the passenger will have to report well in time so that all the requisite baggage formalities would get done quite efficiently.
  • The maximum number of passengers who can use web check-in service at a time I of 9 travelers 
  • Lastly, check-in options like web check-in or mobile app check-in help the passengers to save time, and with this service, you have instant boarding of a flight without any hustle.

In addition, with your queries in regards to Air India web check-in, then you can contact customer care via a toll-free number from anywhere in India, or you can use the chat option to get assistance.

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