How Do I Check-in on Delta Airlines?

Delta is one of the oldest airlines in operation and has continuously ranked number one for providing the best services on domestic and international flights. And the airline wishes to make passengers' flight experience easy and more reliable. Delta focuses on providing the customer with the best possible assistance, and with that in mind, they even try to make the check-in process effortless. There are some airline policies for the check-in procedure for those who wish to do it online and offline.

Delta Airlines Check-in Policy

  • As per the Check-in policy of the airlines, passengers are allowed to check-in with the airlines online 24 hours before the flight's scheduled departure.
  • If the passengers opt for the offline check-in, they have to be at least 3 hours before at the airport from the scheduled departure of their domestic flight and 4 hours before the scheduled departure of their international flight.
  • Passengers are also required to proceed toward the baggage counter once the check-in process is completed and have to pay the price if their baggage weight exceeds the prescribed weight of bags by the airlines.
  • You are allowed to be at the airport an hour before the scheduled departure of your flight if you are not carrying any other baggage with you other than the cabin bag. And the check-in procedure is completed by you online.
  • If the passengers require special assistance, they must tell the airlines about it at least 72 hours before departure. And are advised to reach the airport one hour before the scheduled check-in time.
  • You may be asked to show the boarding pass 30 minutes before the scheduled departure in case of online and offline check-in.

Process of Check-in with Delta

Delta Airlines web check-in

  • Get into the Delta airlines's official website of and look for the Check-in option from the above-given tab.
  • You'll have to give the confirmation number (i.e., credit card number, ticket number, or SkyMiles number) and the name of the airport from which you'll board your flight.
  • Proceed further and select the preferable seat for yourself, after which you have to follow the on-screen process.
  • Once the check-in process is completed, you'll see the boarding pass on your screen. You can directly print that to show it at the airport.
  • The airlines will also send the boarding pass to your registered email address if you didn't download it the minute it appears on your screen, and you can still have it as a backup. 

Delta Airlines Mobile Check-in

  • Download and open 'The Fly Delta App' on your mobile phone and log in to your registered account.
  • Get onto the check-in page and mention the confirmation number and the airport where you'll board the flight.
  • After getting onto the page, choose your flight, select your seat and follow the process as instructed to complete the process.
  • Once the process of check-in on Delta Airlines is complete, check your email to get the boarding pass.

Delta Airlines Airport Check-in

  • You have to reach the airport 3 and 4 hours before the scheduled departure of your domestic and international flights, respectively.
  • And proceed towards the check-in counter and provide the necessary information to the agent to initiate the check-in.
  • Once the agent completes the check-in process, he will handover you the boarding pass for your flight. And will ask you to proceed toward the baggage counter.

Follow the above-given article to know how do I check in on Delta Airlines? And know the procedure and policy related to it. You can also contact the airlines' customer care service for any help.

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