About Amsterdam City

How can a nature lover miss this land of tulips, windmills and red light attractions? Yes, here I am talking about the capital of The Netherlands, Amsterdam. Amsterdam is the city that invites the tourists especially nature lovers to visit the scenic views of this city which is compact and charming. This capital of the Netherlands offers easy sightseeing adventures by foot, boat or bike. From the fine art museum to the colourful flower market, this city provides us with the unique and exciting discovery in every visit. So, what are you waiting for as you can also book last minute flights to Amsterdam by your travel agent?

What is the Weather Like in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam’s weather varies from months to come. March is the season where this city welcomes spring with blooming flowers of tulips and also the rain showers are possible. This is the best time to visit Amsterdam. You can get a direct flight to Amsterdam by nearest airports in your city. The summers experience heat and dry weather while the winters are cold and chilly winds blow across the city. Although, Amsterdam experiences flock of tourists even during the dry summer season.

Best Time to Visit in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is also a cosmopolitan capital that offers picturesque canals, 17th-century architecture and many art galleries and museum. However, it's during the spring season that along with the tourist's residents as well come to the streets and welcomes spring. The hotels are full and if you book 1-2 weeks prior then you can get the best deals and cheap flights to Amsterdam.

Attractive Places of Amsterdam

Canals of Amsterdam: Amsterdam is known for its canals which was found in the 17th Century. These canals were introduced to channelize the Amstel River water toward the dry land of Amsterdam.

Rijksmuseum: This is the considered as most important if nature’s art and history of the museum. This consists of million artefacts ranging from the 13th century onward. This museum also contains other objects on display which has a story based in history.

Van Gogh Museum: This is the rich place for the collection of artist’s painting and letters. This museum is considered as one of the most visited known places amongst the art lovers.

This article contained a piece of information on Amsterdam. You can plan your trip accordingly as we hope you enjoy your stay.

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