How will You Make Flight Reservations on Turkish Airlines?

Make Your Travel Experience More Easier and Affordable with Turkish Airlines Reservations

Turkish Airlines is considered the best airlines in the world which is also the flag carrier of Turkey which is mostly known for its low-cost traveling services. Turkey airlines provide its flight services to more than 315+ destinations in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and more that make it the largest airlines in the world by the number of destinations and passenger-carrying capacity. Turkey airlines always proffer high-end comforts that make it more preferable among the passengers for traveling. Turkey airlines proffer plenty of ways to make a reservation that one can choose and along with it, passengers may get other traveling features.

Classes of Turkish Airlines:

Turkish provides you Economy, business, and first-class to travel right after reserving a flight. If you have booked a flight in Economy class, you can simply update it to the business and first-class smoothly.  It offers full premium economy products and services at an affordable cost. You can check other classes on this Turkish Airlines pointed down appropriately.

Economy class:

  • In this class, the passengers can have the best seating plan on both short and long haul flights.
  • It comes with the seats might bend as you want and can adjust to your head with complete foot endorsement,
  • It offers incredible power supply so you can carry on with your work, and entertainment system, and adjustable head- and footrests.
  • It is very simple to arrange seats on international economy class’s flights where you can get the standard seat selection where you can get maximum days to change seats free of cost during flight check-in.

Business class:

  • Turkish offers the best business class with its perfect herringbone-style lie-flat seats to feel more comfortable in many ways.
  • In this class, the passengers can feel like home with flexible chairs with an Adjustable and rotating food table that provides full relax with consists of a total of 30 seats.
  • It has the emergency exit seat selection that is made within 48 hours before the flight. Turkish allows changing seats on business class according to the package you have chosen.
  • In this class, you can have an amazing facility to get complete USB port, power supply outlet, and get the single reading lamp as well,
  • If you required reserving your flight, you must select a business class to get the convenient flight journey perfectly.

First class of:

  • Turkish typically operated several 777-300ERs with its eight first-class suites that offer more flexible stylish-flat seats.
  • It is an excellent class to travel and provides the best seat selection and reservation along with the features and services which are associated like business class.
  • In this class, every seat is configured with a personal in-flight entertainment system and you can have the best screen in your private area where you can feel comfortable with your seat.
  • You can easily enjoy fully lie-flat seats that open into a 193 cm bed makes you feel more relaxed.

Gone are the days when making flight reservations on Turkish Airlines is a difficult task. Now, flight booking has become an easy job to do. With a few clicks on keyboard and mouse, you can book your seats on Turkish Airlines. Even your flight reservation can be done over a single phone call. Moreover, if you have a need to travel through Turkish Airlines flight and want to book tickets. But you don't have any idea, you should go through this post. Here you will be finding the procedure to make flight bookings online on Turkish Airlines.

So, go through the steps and book flight tickets. Or else, you may contact the Turkish Airlines reservations support team to book a flight ticket.

How to Make Reservations on Turkish Airlines?

  • First and foremost, the step you have to make is going to the website of Turkish Airlines.
  • There on the booking API, select the Trip Type and destinations for your flight.
  • Then, you need to opt for the dates for departure and arrival.
  • Next, by choosing the number of passengers, you are also required to select the flight class.
  • Once all the information is provided, you have to click the Search button.
  • After searching for all the options for your destination, you have to choose a flight from the available options and click the Continue option.
  • Thereafter, you will be asked to enter the passenger details as well as contact information. As soon as, you fill the details, you have to click the Continue option.
  • This is how you will reach the Turkish Airlines reservations payment page, by opting for a payment mode, you are required to complete the flight ticket purchase.

The moment you complete the flight booking process a flight booking confirmation will be sent to you along with the booking reference code. This booking confirmation code or number will help you later to access the flight tickets for the check-in or managing the flight ticket.

Book Your Flight Tickets on Turkish Airlines Around the Clock

With the completion of the above procedure, your flight bookings will be done instantly. But there are times when doing online flight bookings becomes troublesome. In such situations, the passenger gets worried about flight bookings. Unfortunately, if you face the same situation and want to book a seat on Turkish Airlines. In that case, you may contact the Turkish Airlines reservations number to get help. The airline's reservation support team will provide the best flight option on discounted flight fare if possible. So, dial the number, provide the flight details and book your tickets in a few minutes.

Pets Travel on Turkish Airlines:

It allows dogs, cats, and small domestic birds to travel in the cabin. You need to maintain the combined weight of the pet and carrier that doesn't exceed more than 18 kg. Your pet should be vaccinated in recent days. You can travel with your pet in Economy or business classon Turkish Airlines pets reservations but it is important to be approved a minimum of 6 hours prior to departure.

Following are the ways to reserve a flight for your pets on Turkish Airlines:

  • At first, make sure that your own flight is reserved and then you can send a request to reserve a flight for your pet.
  • Then you can apply the reservation process for your pet and you can contact a customer representative to find the approval.
  • You need to submit the correct travel date and time with the destination name and select the cabin for your pet.
  • You can select either business or Economy class to travel with your pet and do the payment online or at the airport finally.

Travel with Children on Turkish Airlines:

If you are planning to travel with your children, you need to first confirm the age that should be not exceeded more than 8 to 11. Your child passenger can travel in a discount on Turkish that has the same baggage allowance provided to our adult passengers. If you want Turkish airline reservations for children, order special meal requests for your children at least 24 hours before the flight.          

Following are the ways to reserve a flight for your children on Turkish Airlines:

  • Firstly, navigate the booking browser and click on the API link and select the round trip button.
  • Enter the destination name and select the correct travel date and time and select the class.
  • Enter the age and name of your children and then search the flight and choose to reserve on your selected classes.
  • Select the advance facilities for your children that you want in the flight and select your bank to make payment using a credit card finally.

For further information regarding flight Turkish Airlines reservations, you should feel free to contact our customer representatives who are always active to help you at any time.

How to Change a Flight on Turkish Airlines?

Has your travel plan suddenly changed that you made with Turkish Airlines? Then you can easily change your flight ticket as Turkish airlines allow the passengers to change their flight within 24 hours from the scheduled departure. You can change your flight ticket as per the Turkish Airlines Change Flight Policy in which lots of rules and restrictions prescribed for the passengers. You can change your Turkish Airlines flight ticket online.

Steps to change Turkish airlines flight ticket:

  • Go to the official Turkish airlines website.
  • Click on the Manage Booking section.
  • Now you can type your booking number and last name into the given field.
  • After that, click on the Continue tab.
  • Now click on a flight that you wish to change and then find the change flight option.
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions to change your flight ticket.

How to Cancel a Turkish Airlines Flight Ticket?

Want to cancel your flight ticket on Turkish Airlines? Then you are allowed to make a cancellation request as per the cancellation policy of Turkish airlines. You can simply cancel your flight as per Turkish Airlines flight cancellation policy online with the help of below steps:

  • First of all, visit the official Turkish Airlines website.
  • Now find the Manage Booking option and then click on it.
  • Type the ticket number and passenger’s surname.
  • Click on the Continue tab.
  • After that, click on the Cancel tab and pay the cancellation charges for your booking.
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions to cancel your flight ticket.

You can very easily cancel your Turkish Airlines Reservations after following the above-given instructions. But if you are still not competent enough to cancel your flight or you have any sort of query regarding the booking or cancellation, then you can contact the customer service team of Turkish Airlines and gain reliable assistance.

Turkish Airlines FAQ's

How can I reserve a flight without paying?

There are lots of airlines that provide the option of Pay Later including Turkish Airlines where you can book your flight in advance and pay the reservation amount within the prescribed time you choose during the reservations. You can also contact the reservations team of airlines to obtain reliable assistance.

Where can I find my PNR number Turkish Airlines?

The PNR number can be found in your Turkish Airlines ticket or you also get this number in the confirmation email. You can also dial Turkish Airlines phone number and talk to a live representative to get the relevant information related to the PNR number or others in a very quick manner.

How do I confirm my Turkish Airlines ticket?

If you want to check whether your ticket is confirmed or not, then you can do that online by visiting the official through Manage Reservation by entering your last name and booking number or you can call where customer service representatives will simply help you with your reservations related queries.

How do I check my flight reservation Turkish Airlines?

You can check your flight reservation online by visiting the official Turkish Airlines website under the Manage Reservations section where you can enter your booking number and last name into the given field to get the details of your reservation.

How do I contact Turkish Airlines?

If you want to contact Turkish Airlines regarding any service or query, then you can contact after dialing Turkish Airlines customer service number which is simple to do when you will follow the below IVR menu:

  • Dial Turkish airlines from your phone.
  • Say Reservations or Booking.
  • Say Baggage or Check-in.

Say Customer Service and a representative will be available.

How do I book a flight without paying Turkish Airlines?

If you want to book a Turkish flight without paying anything, then you will have to hold your reservations where you can pay the reservation fee within 72 hours of the scheduled departure. You can also contact Turkish Airlines reservations and book your flight without paying as per the rules of fare hold.

How do I get a refund from Turkish Airlines?

In order to get a refund on your canceled flight, you can make a refund request online at the official Turkish Airlines website through the Manage Booking page or you can also make a refund request by dialing the Turkish Airlines phone number where the representative will help you regarding the refund related queries.

How do I cancel my flight with Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines allow passengers to cancel their flight within 24 hours from the scheduled departure. You can go to and then click on the Manage Booking section where you must require to enter the booking number and the last name to cancel your flight or you can also cancel your Turkish flight by calling.

How do I get my e-ticket from Turkish Airlines?

You can get your e-ticket at  within 72 hours from the ticket purchase if you booked your flight at and if you booked through a travel agency, then you can obtain your e-ticket or receipt from there.

Is Turkish Airlines a good airline?

Yes, Turkish Airlines is a certified 3-star airlines that is highly considered for its on-board services, flight, airport, and safety. There are many other things that make it a good airline such as food quality, seats, cleanliness, and more. The Turkish Airlines customer service is another best thing that makes it the world’s best airlines where one can get 24/7 assistance.

How do I change my flight with Turkish Airlines?

If you want to change your Turkish flight, then you can visit the official Turkish Airlines website and then click on the Manage booking option. You can enter the booking number and last name and then cancel your flight online. You can also dial Turkish Airlines phone number and make flight cancellations through customer service.

How do I complain to Turkish Airlines?

If you want to complain to Turkish Airlines, then you can do that both online or offline mode that depends on your selection. You can go to the official Turkish Airlines website and then click on Help section where you can submit your complaint online or you can also dial Turkish Airlines customer service phone number and talk to a live person for making a complaint regarding your queries.

What is the baggage allowance on Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines allow business class passengers 2 bags and one personal item with a maximum weight of 8 kg for each bag whereas 32 kg for international flights. If you are booking an economy class, then you can take one personal item and one bag with the same dimension. If any baggage exceeds the limit, then you will be charged an excess baggage fee as per the baggage policy.

How much does it cost to change a Turkish Airlines flight?

Turkish Airlines do not charge any flight change fee if you change a flight within 24 hours just after purchasing the ticket. But if you are changing your Turkish flight after 24 hours of booking, then you will have to pay the flight change fee that starts from $200 and the rest does vary upon the ticket type and the duration of changing flight.

Will Turkish Airlines refund cancelled flight?

Yes, you will get a full refund if you cancel your Turkish Airlines flight within 24 hours of ticket purchase as per the refund policy. You can make a refund request online through Manage Booking at or you can dial the Turkish Airlines phone number where you can also submit your refund request.

Is Turkish Airlines flying from Dubai?

Due to the pandemic situations, Turkish Airlines had stopped all the flights to/from Dubai but now you can book flights from Dubai as Turkish Airlines has restarted its flight services from Dubai and you can check the official website to get the latest details on it or you can also call at to get the relevant information.

Who is the CEO of Turkish Airlines?

The CEO of Turkish Airlines is Bilal Eksi and he is also Deputy Chairman of Turkish Airlines in the present time.

What is open ticket Turkish Airlines?

Open tickets are the tickets that can be ticketed for one more time without paying any kind of additional fee. You would not be charged any kind of fare difference or extra fee whenever you will ticketing your open ticket. You can dial Turkish Airlines phone number to obtain additional information about the open ticketing.

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