How Can I Cancel a Ryanair Flight and Get a Refund?

Have a flight canceled by you or by the Airlines of Ryanair Airlines? And worried about the money you have spent for the ticket that no more is operational? Refunds are never friendly; nevertheless, here is all the requirement provided to know if Can I cancel a Ryanair flight and get a refund in a better way to make the process easy.

To cancel your booking and avail of the refund and avoid the hassles in the process, you should be aware of the cancellation policy, terms and conditions applied for refunds, the cancellation process, and how to initiate a refund. The blow-given information in the content gives all the information related to the same.

Ryanair Refund Policy

To get a refund from Ryanair after canceling your tickets, go through the following refund policy to learn when and how to initiate a refund so that you are not charged an extra hefty amount s cancellation penalty fee, or charges. 

For non-refundable purchase:

If the ticket you purchased is non-refundable, you are eligible to get the taxes and basic fees as a refund if you cancel the ticket within 24 hours of making the purchase.

For refundable purchase:

If you have a refundable purchase, you can get the total amount paid for the ticket only if the booking is made before 7 or more days. And the cancellation is made at least 7 hours before the scheduled departure. 

Death of a family member:

If your travel is being affected by the death of an immediate family member, and you wish to cancel your ticket, you are eligible for a full refund. You will have to produce the necessary documents in such a case. The cancellation has to be made before four weeks of the departure date. 

Cancel my Ryanair Flight

Want to know how Can I cancel a Ryanair flight? To cancel your Ryanair ticket, you can follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the official website of Ryanair. 
  • Navigate to “My Bookings.”
  • Enter the reservation number and last name to retrieve your booking. 
  • Select the trip you are willing to cancel. 
  • After entering the ticket, click on the change option below the ticket details. 
  • Click on the “Cancel My Booking” from the change drop-down. 
  • Confirm the cancellation. You will receive a cancellation mail and SMS in your registered email address and phone number. 
  • The refund generally gets initiated as you cancel your booking. You can also start the refund if it doesn’t happen on its own.    

Steps to initiate the refund

The primary and easiest way to get the refund is to connect with the Ryanair customer service phone number. But you can also do it by yourself through their official website by following the given steps. 

  • Go to the official website of Ryanair airlines 
  • Click on the “My Bookings” option. 
  • Log in to your MyRyanair account.
  • Choose the help option and go to refunds.  
  • You can also use the Refund Application Form to get a refund.
  • After successfully applying, it can take up to 7 to 10 working days to get the refund amount reflected in your bank account. 
  • You can choose the other options to cancel your booking and initiate the refund. These various ways are as follows. 
  • You can do it through call. Dial the official number +44 1279-35-8395 and follow the IVR instructions to cancel your tickets. 
  • You can also choose to chat and email customer support to cancel your tickets with Ryanair. 

For further information, contact Customer Support of Ryanair Airlines.

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