How Can I Reschedule My Air India Flight Ticket?

Reschedule a Flight Ticket on Air India

Made a trip to your favorite destination on your upcoming vacation with Air India? But suddenly an important meeting takes place and you cancel your plan? Whatever the reason behind the cancellation of your planning but one thing is common that you will surely look for the other date to travel and it is only possible when you change your flight. It is quite better to change a flight instead of canceling because flight cancellation always charges more. Air India allows their passengers to reschedule a flight but most of the passengers are confused about how can I reschedule my Air India flight ticket if you are one of those, then you should know about the process.

Steps to Reschedule a Flight Ticket on Air India

  • First of all, visit the official Air India website through your preferred browser on a phone or computer.
  • Now you can look for the option My Booking section and then click on it.
  • Now Manage Booking page will open where you are required to enter your last name, and ticket number into the given field.
  • You can simply look for the option Retrieve Booking and click on it.
  • Now you can select a flight according to your preferred date from the available list of flights.
  • Now you need to pay the fare difference if any or any reschedule fee that you can see on your screen.
  • After that, you can simply follow the on-screen instructions to reschedule your Air India flight ticket.

With the above-described steps, you can know how can I reschedule my Air India flight ticket in a very simple and instant manner. But if you are still not able to reschedule your flight or need any other help, you can get through to the customer service team of Air India.

Frequently Asked Questions about Air India

How Many Hours Before We can Reschedule an Air India Flight?

We can reschedule an Air India flight two hours before the original scheduled departure. And the Air India reschedule flight within 2 hours is free of any charges. You can easily reschedule your flight booking through the assistance mentioned below;

  • Official website 
  • Official Delta Airlines application.
  • Via Calling the customer care services of Air India. 
  • Through the travel agent or the third party. 

Air India provides full assistance to its passengers no matter what services they require. And they would be more than happy to assist you in rescheduling your flight ticket.

How Much Does It Cost to Reschedule an Air India Flight?

The cost of rescheduling an Air India flight depends upon the flight you have booked. And, on your itineraries. The Air India flight reschedule cost also depends on what changes you are making in your flight booking. You will also have to make the necessary payments, i.e., the difference between the airfare of the two flights, which are originally scheduled departure and rescheduled departure.

Does Air India Allow Date Change?

Yes, Air India allows the changes you wish to make in your flight booking details. So, a date change is also allowed on the Air India flight. You can make the date change easily through the way mentioned below;

  • Visit the official website of Air India. 
  • Notice the option “Manage my Trip” and fill out the required details, your last name, and your booking reference number. 
  • Press the “Search” button and follow the onscreen instructions to change your flight date. 
  • Wait for the confirmation mail to come from the official mail address of Air India, notifying you regarding the change in your flight date. 

Your flight date change is depended on your eligibility of yours and the availability of the flight change with Air India.

Is Air India Offering Free Rescheduling?

Air India does offer free rescheduling if you reschedule the flight 2 hours before the flight. However, the rescheduling also depends on the type of flight you have booked and all the necessary information associated with your Air India flight booking.

Is Air India Charging Change Fees?

Air India charges fees for the changes you wish to make in your flight booking. The charges differ on the far type and on what changes you are making in your flight details. Also, you might have to make a difference in your fare between the original departure and the updated departure.

How Much is the Cancellation Fee for an Air India Ticket?

The cancellation fees for an Air India ticket are based on the duration you cancel your flight in. Also, on the type of seat, you booked for your flight.

Can You Change Your Flight Date on Air India?

Yes, you can make the changes in your flight date through the Manage my trip tab on the official homepage of Air India. And, if there is any third party involved, you should consider consulting with them regarding the change in your flight date.

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