How to Upgrade Seat on Air India Airlines?

Travel in an upper class is always fun where you can enjoy the best in class traveling comforts whether it’s first class or business class. But if you have already booked your flight in the economy class, then you can simply do one thing which is seat upgrading. You can simply make an upgrade request that depends on your airlines carrier whether it provides the upgrade option or not. But if you have booked your flight ticket with Air India Airlines, then you don’t need to worry as you are allowed to upgrade your seat to first class or business class from the economy or business class as per the upgrade policy.

Features of Air India Airlines Seat Upgrade:

  • Get the more legroom with an extra-large seat.
  • On-board food order.
  • Airport lounge facility.
  • In-flight entertainment.
  • Free Wi-Fi and charging.
  • Special arrangements for kids.
  • Complimentary drinks on arrival.

How Do I Upgrade My Seat on Air India Airlines?

Would you like to upgrade your seat on Air India Airlines to business class or first class flight? Then you can upgrade within 24 hours from the scheduled departure that also depends on the availability of seats. There are varied ways to upgrade seat on Air India Airlines and if you don’t know how to upgrade, then you can follow the mentioned instructions.

Upgrade via Bid & Upgrades

  • First of all, go to the official Air India website from your preferred browser.
  • Look for Bid & Upgrades section.
  • Now check your eligibility by entering your reservation number and last name.
  • Now bid for an upgrade and then enter your credit card details.
  • After that, wait for at least 48 hours for the confirmation via email.

Upgrade via Upfront Offer

  • You can upgrade directly at the airport to a business class that depends on seat availability.
  • The facility of seat upgrading at the airport opens up to 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • You can pay the Airport Upgrade Amount at the Airport through any prescribed mode of payment.
  • Airport Upgrade scheme is also available for the passengers who have checked in through the web, city, and tale.

In the above-given ways, the Air India Airlines Seat Upgrade process can be done in a highly simple and effective manner. But in case you are not competent enough to upgrade your seat through these steps or you need more assistance regarding the seat upgrade, then you can approach the customer service team of Air India Airlines.

How to Upgrade to Business Class on Air India Airlines Flights Seat?

Here’s How To Upgrade Seats Air India To Business Class

So you have booked your flight tickets with Air India and you wish to move to its business class? Well, passengers often look for better perks to enjoy while their fly with the airline and Air India is one of the finest airlines in the world. Besides, the airline has already introduced it Business class upgrades in the recent years and one can easily make their seat upgrades to business class without any hassle. However, the airline follows the Bidding system to offers its Business class upgrades that is something you should understand.

Therefore, read this article further to know how to upgrade to Business Class on Air India Airlines and the benefits of the same class on the airline. Hence, read further.

How Business Class Seat Upgrade Feature Works On Air India

So, basically, once you have made your reservations on the economy class on Air India, you can bid for your seat upgrade on the airline at the time of check-in. Hereafter, the airline’s system will provide you the seat upgrades depending on the seat availability. Besides, you’ll be also provided a new boarding pass at the time of boarding.

However, if you do not get the seat upgrades to Air India Airlines Business Class then worry not as your amount will be refunded back to you within the five days prior to your flight’s scheduled departure.

Furthermore, you can apply for the seat upgrades on Air India within 24 hours for domestic flights and 36 hours for international flight prior to your schedule departures. However, if you have miles in your account then you can make request for Business class seat upgrades online as well. Here’s how.

Steps To Request Seat Upgrades On Air India Online

  • In your web browser, navigate to the Air India’s official website and then scroll to the Manage Your Trip tab on the top.
  • Now, select the Redeem Miles option and then o the next page, enter the particulars for requested booking details.
  • Next, fetch the booking details and then look for seat upgrades option.
  • Finally, follow the onscreen instructions to find the seat upgrade availability, if yes then finalize the upgrades by paying via miles.

Benefits Of Business Class Upgrades On Air India

Passengers can make their seat upgrade to Business Class on Air India Airlines in the airline’s business class or business class Lite. The following are the major benefits that one can enjoy in its business class.

  • Luxurious Seating
  • Gourmet Meals
  • Premium Drinks For eligible seat upgrade bidders

However, the airline does not offer any frequent flyer program or offers to earn miles on its seat upgrades. But it is still the better option to fly with the airline’s business class and enjoy its premium services.

Therefore this was all about making seat upgrades on Air India Airlines Business Class, however, if you wish to know more about the airline’s business class benefits and its seat upgrades offers then feel free to get in touch with its customer services. The professionals will surely help you out with your seat upgrades, bidding process and much more.

Air India Airlines FAQ's

Does Air India have flat beds?

While booking flights for a long route, most people prefer to book flights in the cabins where you will find access to comfortable and flatbeds. And for the people having a preference for flatbeds, one can easily book flight seats on Air India. For everyone looking for flatbeds can actually find them in Air India business class. You can always find such comfortable beds there and make bookings for these spacious spaces without any cutting edge.

Is it worth taking Air India’s business class?

Many people go through common questions and doubts that bother them before making any booking in the business class. And if you are also struggling with these doubts that is it worth making a booking with the Air India business class then yes it surely is. You can always book flights on the business class and every ounce of it is worth it because of cost-friendly fare and other beneficial services.

What do you get in the business class?

  • If you are about to make a booking on Air India business class then you will be entitled to the following services.
  • Low fare and seat upgrade deals
  • More leg space and spacious seats.
  • Wi-Fi on the plane and other onboard flight entertainment
  • Choice of meals
  • Priority check-in and the separate boarding


Does Air India have business class lounge access?

If you sign up for the business class flight upgrade and wish to avail its services then you will be provided with the business lounge where you and wait and relax enjoying the services like Free Wi-Fi, meals, snacks, and drinks.

How to upgrade the flight seat on Air India?

If you wish to upgrade the flight seat then you should also be familiar with the Air India business class upgrade. Here is how you can do.

  • You can upgrade using your miles and if enough then redeem them instead of paying in cash.
  • Similarly, you can pay in cash and get the upgrade.


What is the cost to upgrade the flight seat on Air India?

For implementing the Air India seat upgrade, you also need to pay for the cost upgrade. For all the people who really wish to upgrade the flight seat on Air India, they can pay the cost up to 4500 for the distance of 750 KMS and beyond.

Is it cheaper to upgrade the flight seat at the airport?

Some people have this misconception that If they decide to pay for the flights at the airport then they might end up getting the deal of the day. There are equal chances to get cheaper deals both online and at the airport.

How to upgrade from economy to business?

The easiest and most convenient way to upgrade the flight seat from economy to business is with the help of redeeming miles.

How many seats are there in Air India business class?

There is a total of 256 seats in the Air India plane that include 18 seats for the business class and these flat bed seats are 74-inch pitch that provides the ultimate traveling experience whenever you travel to your preferred destination in the business class of Air India.

Does Air India business class have lie flat seats?

The business class seats in the Air India planes are 18 in the quantity that spread three rows in a 2-2-2 configuration. The Air India business class seats are completely flat and provide the extra legroom whenever you travel to your preferred route by booking or upgrading your seat to business class.

How do I bid for an upgrade on Air India?

If you want to upgrade your previous booking to a business class, then you can do that online with the help of the Bid and Upgrade option. In order to upgrade to business class on Air India, you can visit the official Air India website and then click on the Bid and Upgrade section. You can enter the booking details and bid an amount that you can pay to upgrade on Air India.

What is business class like on Air India?

Air India’s business class proffer the high-end traveling comforts whenever you travel such as priority-based check-in, complimentary drinks, higher seat pitch, extra baggage allowance, and more. There are many other features that you can enjoy when booking or upgrading a business class flight on Air India to your preferred route.

Does Air India have business class in domestic flights?

Yes, Air India also proffers business class in the domestic route flights that one can book or upgrade after booking. You can also check the official website of Air India to know whether your domestic route flight is providing a business class or not.

Does Air India have business class?

Yes, Air India also provides the business class in its flight including the domestic route that includes a variety of features such as extra legroom, highest seat pitch, charging port, onboard food order, and more.

Does Air India business class have reclining seats?

No, Air India seats are fully flat and they can’t be reclined easily. But you can easily adjust your seats by pressing the attached buttons to your seat in a quick manner. Before you upgrade to business class on Air India, you should check the entire information regarding the seat upgrade at the official website and then make a booking or upgrade request.

Does Air India have flat beds in business class?

Yes, Air India has 35 flat beds in the business class in the different route’s flights including the domestic route. The number of flatbeds for the business class on Air India could be different according to the route or aircraft type.

How can I get a free upgrade to business class on Air India?

Air India doesn’t provide a free upgrade to business class but sometimes you may get it through the Get Upfront Upgrades feature. You can check the different upfront offers to upgrade to business class at the official website or contact the customer service team for the required assistance.

Does Air India upgrade to business class?

If you have enough miles and there are vacant seats in the business class then you can easily upgrade the seat.

How to get a free upgrade to business class?

The only way that leads to the free upgrade is to redeem points and keep keen observations on deals coming your way. For more information, contact on Air India customer service number 0124 264 1407.

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