How can I rebook my Etihad flight?

Making travel plans with Etihad airways is relatively straightforward. But sometimes the programs you make have to be changed without prior notice for various reasons. Then, it becomes pretty toxic and complex whenever you fly via air to your preferred destination. The most common reasons behind making changes to your travel plan are:

  • Bad weather conditions
  • Technical faults of the airline
  • A shortage of staff members on board.

So, in such a circumstance, Etihad gives you the option of rescheduling your flight which you can do online, or for that, you can use Etihad Airways customer service phone number, the help of which you can quickly come in contact with a live representative in real-time and with whom you can promptly rebook your flight ticket on another date and flight. But before you start rebooking at Etihad airways, you must consider some points: terms and conditions against rescheduling a flight ticket at Etihad Airways.

Guidelines against Etihad Airways flight rebooking policy:

  • Passengers are given the option to make changes with their booking within 24 hours from the scheduled departure, and within this free time zone, you can quickly reschedule your itinerary.
  • If you carry a refundable fare ticket, you can reschedule your flight for any change.
  • Further, the flight rescheduling fees always depend upon the type of ticket and the route you booked for your flight ticket.
  • In the end, the changes that are subject to within ninety-six hours from the departure of your flight will be subjected to an extra 10% fee.

Would you like to change your booking, or do you wish to rebook my Etihad flight? Then you can go through the following steps to quickly understand the online procedure to reschedule your itinerary?

Simple steps to reschedule your Etihad Airways flight:

  • The first step for you is to visit the official website of Etihad Airways with the help of a preferred web browser on a PC
  • You will have to search for the manage booking tab on the homepage and click on it. 
  • Next, on the next page, manage booking will be opened; here, you must enter the booking reference number and the passenger's last name details. 
  • Further, click on the search button so to find your booking. 
  • Once the booking is onscreen, select your booking, click the change tab, select the new travel date, and hit over search.
  • Ahead of which, you will have to select a new flight ticket and make appropriate changes as prompted on page 
  • Click on the payment option and then pay the application fee if available. 
  • Now, at last, you must follow the onscreen instructions to complete the reschedule procedure and receive a confirmation email with a complete summary.

Although, if in case you are unable to understand about online steps to rebook Etihad airways, then you should contact Etihad Airways customer service number to come in direct contact with a live representative because once you get in touch with an on-call executive, you are going to get help for rebooking instructions for the online procedure and phone number services are active 24*7 for immediate and practical support of customers. 

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