How can a US Citizen Get a UK Visa?

When you wish to travel outside the country, you must have a valid Visa and a passport. The UK government allows every citizen of the USA to get a visa online by paying the appropriate fees. A Visa is a permission from the department of homeland security to travel to the airport or cross the border of any country. If you wish to get a visa for the UK, you must be eligible for the related terms and conditions. You can read the below information to get a detailed understanding of the visa applicability. 

Eligibility to apply for a UK visa from the USA:

Before applying for the visa, you must submit the appropriate documents as given below:

  • You must add the two UK visa photographs taken more than six months before the application. 
  • Your passport must be valid for three months before travel to the UK. The passport must also have one blank page for the visa.
  • The fee receipt shows you have paid the relevant visa fees. 
  • Documents translation that is outside of English. 
  • You must attach proof of US status, such as a green card or original US visa.
  • The proof of the round trip flight ticket of your travel dates. 
  • A confirmation that you are an employee of the company and your leaves are approved.
  • Relevant proof of the accommodation in the UK.
  • The applicant needs to submit proof that they are financially capable of staying in the UK. 
  • You also need to add the tuberculosis test report for visa approval. 
  • If your UK stay is more than six months, you must attach biometric information such as your fingerprint and digital photograph. 

Fees for the UK visa from the USA:

  • For short-term visas such as six months, single or multiple entry, you need to pay USD125.
  • For a long terms visa of two years or more, the fee will be USD 471.
  • The long term visas of two to 10 years, the prices will calculate between USD 800 to 1100 accordingly. 

The process to apply for a UK visa from the USA:

When you get the eligible documents, US citizens get a UK visa online. You can fill out the application form online by the following simple steps:

  • Initially, you must access the official website of the UK government at 
  • At there, you can apply online and fill out the application form by paying the fees. 
  • You must choose the visa type and submit all the relevant documents in the online application. 
  • After this, you must book and attend the biometric appointment at an ASC.
  • You must attend an ASC at a scheduled date and time for the biometric. 
  • When the appointment confirmation letter is stamped at the ASC, you must mail your application form within five days. Once you mail the application, you must attach the current passport, application form, UPS returning shopping label, or other documents. 

Once your application is accepted, they will notify you by email. If your passport or any other document is returned, you are required to send the complete electronic UPS shipping labels. Besides the above information, you can also contact the UK government directly and take their help.