How To Make Reservations in Wings Air?

A Brief Guide On How To Travel By Wings Air: Classes, Pets Travel & Children Reservations

So, you have been planning to travel by Wings Air and looking for information on its classes, reservations and important guidelines on its pet policy as well as reservations with children. Well, this Indonesian airline is quite reliable with its in-flight facilities and ground services and more than millions of passengers travel with the airline annually. So, before you begin with your reservation process on the airline. Here’s what all you need to know about Wings Air.

An Overview On Wings Air

Wings Air is currently known as Lion Air and the airline has its headquarters in the largest city and capital of Indonesia – Jakarta. The airline has been serving its magnificent services since 2000 with its fleet size of 118 in more than 126 destinations across the world. What makes the Wings Air best is its low-cost services and the airline is also the second-largest aviation group in Indonesia. This airline operates both domestic & international routes and connects the country with most Asian countries such as India, Japan, Saudi Arabia Singapore and others. Wings Air also operates more than 630 flights per day and passengers can easily make their reservations without any hassle. Now if you are also looking to make your Wings Air Reservations then here’s what you should know about the airline’s classes and other important guidelines.

Travel Classes In Wings Air

Wings Air being one of the highest-rated low-cost airlines provides only two classes in its flights – Premium Economy class and Economy class. Both the classes are quite equipped with satisfactory amenities and services. You can find both the classes on all the Airbus A330-300, Boeing 737-900 ER and Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Moreover, here’s how both Wings Air Premium Economy class can make your travel amazing.

Premium Economy Class in Wings Air

In-Flight Entertainment

The Premium Economy class on Wings Air provides you the best 11.1" touch screens which will be similar to your tablet. With this, you can stream the latest blockbusters, TV shows as well games, while your journey with the airline.

Extra Baggage Allowance

Moreover, you will also get an extra baggage allowance that means you can carry 20 kg on domestic flights & 30 kg on international flights.

Now, the economy seats on Wings Air will provide you standard seating and no extra baggage allowance will be offered on your booking. However, if you are looking forward to booking your flight tickets with the airline then you can visit its official website,

Pet Reservations On Wings Air

If you are a pet lover and usually prefer to travel with your furry buddy then, unfortunately, you’ll not be able to take your pet on the Wings Air flights. However, you may be permitted to take your pet on board but for that, you’ll need to contact the airline’s reservation center for your Wings Air Pets Reservations. You may also be able to take your pet as the checked baggage on if the airline allows you to do so therefore, it is good to talk to the airline’s executive and get proper information on your pet reservations.

How To Travel By Children On Wings Air: Important Guidelines?

Here are the important guidelines on the Wings Air reservations for children that you must know.

  • Wings Air do not allow to carry children with an age less than 2 days and if the age is between three to seven days then you’ll need to submit a medical certificate for the travel confirm the fitness of the child
  • However, Wings Air requires to submit the medical certificate within 72 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight
  • The maximum age of an infant to travel by Wings Air is less than 2 years old and also you’ll need to have the Form of Indemnity (F) signed by the parents or guardian.
  • If the age of the child is more than 12 years then Wings Air will only provide the escort service to the child until the end of the journey

Moreover, if you have any doubts/questions regarding the Wings Air Reservations the feel free to get in touch with the airline’s reservation center and talk to the experts.

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