Why is British Airways So Expensive?

Should You Pay For The Expensive British Airways Ticket?

When you ask questions about the affordability of certain services or products, you are not concerned about the amount you pay; rather, you want to understand if the product or service is within that amount. A 100 years ago, when people said that something is expensive, it was mostly understood that it has great quality and deserves that amount for its features. With the changing time, people have realized that money does not guarantee quality. The question “Why is British Airways so expensive?” is more about the expectations. You start to wonder about all the facilities and services you get. You are both excited and apprehensive. So if the general internet has failed to help you, go through these lines to understand the case.

Reasons For The Expense

When you try to understand why a certain service costs more than others or why a product is so expensive, the factors contributing to that are more than people can comprehend. But to list a few, these lines can give you a general idea about why British Airways is the way it is.

  • First, understand that owning the airplane does not imply owning every service related to it. When the plane flies, it is spent on fuel and slots for air traffic routes, and when it lands, it is spent on the airport runway and holding space. See, Why is British Airways so expensive? You know that not everything belongs to the airline, so they make adjustments and arrangements to give the best services. 
  • Another important point to mention is that, although this airline is British, it has a deal with the U.S. for the fuel purchase. Now the airline is affected by the fluctuating fuel prices and the U.S. economy. 
  • Another important fact to consider is that British Airways is a certified 4-star airline. It is given based on the quality of its airports and onboard products, flight services, staff, ease of the onboard process, legroom in flight, cleanliness, food, beverages, etc. People these days are honest, and no one leaves a fake review. When a passenger is disappointed, they will make the ordeal known. Hence now that people are aware that British Airways is so expensive, the airline can not afford mistakes.
  • Taking care of the staff is a huge responsibility for the airline. To keep the passengers happy, the staff needs to be happy. The staff needs to feel grateful and happy when they work because this paves the way for brilliant service, leading to happy customers. So giving them the salary they deserve, appraisal, leaves, incentives, etc., is the airline’s job.
  • Talking about the services, the airline left no stone unturned with the services. When the services are taken and categorized, like airport services, long haul, short-haul, lounge service, onboards products, food and beverage, customer care, baggage support, etc., people can see that it gets more than 4.5 stars on a 5-star scale on international dating sites. 


Taking all these factors, you can conclude that your question “Why is British Airways so expensive?” has a solid answer. It is all for the passengers. So even though the world is busy with frauds day in and day out, you can put your trust in British Airways. 

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