Why is American Airlines Hold so Long?

One of the utmost Airlines in the united states is American, and by considering the fleet size, it is the world's largest airline. When you travel with this airline, you can request special assistance, make changes to the itinerary, earn miles, upgrade lounge access, and many other things. And all this is these offered services attract a large number of travelers. When you get any type of issue or questions, you can approach customer service for the answers, but sometimes you can get a hold before getting through. Now, if you are facing American Airlines hold so long kind of problem, then there could be a reason for it, and that answers you can get by going through the bottom.

Know about the grounds for long hold times in American Airlines

When you are willing to get in touch with customer service but run into a hold, and it is taking a long duration, then here you can get the reasoning behind that. 

Ambiguous doubts

When traveling on a flight, specific policies, situations, or terms might be difficult to understand. And to get a solution for that, travelers look up to the most convenient ways that are call, but many of them are not clear about the issues that might be causing long hold for others. 


When a disease has been widespread, and for safety measures, there is a change in the policies, or flights get canceled. Then the call flow in the center increases, and resolving every doubt takes time. If this is the situation, you may also face a hold in the airline. A similar problem is encountered during the covid pandemic.

System glitch

When you approach the airline's customer service, you get to cross the answering machine and put through a live person. But if there is a technical error or glitch, then at the time of making a call, you may get a hold duration prior approach to the customer service. To make a confirmation for this, you can disconnect and try to connect again.


American Airlines is considered the preferred choice and cover many destinations per day. So the number of passengers seeking its service is more, which may be the reason for getting a long hold. Once in a while, several travelers try to approach customer service for answers because this airline face short-handed and calls in queue increase. 

Ways to skip long hold on American Airlines

When you are getting a hold time, then worry not because there are a few ways by which you can skip that, and it has been mentioned at the bottom.

  • Avoid using the global number and try to approach the domestic customer service team.
  • If you are an AAdvantage member, You can use the premium contact number and get an instant resolution.
  • You can try to make a callback request to the airline and get approached by them at the prescribed time.
  • Apart from calling, there are other options, such as chat, email, and social media. 

Hence, here lies the solution for the issue likewise, Why is American Airlines hold so long? So now on, you may not get across such types of questions.

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