Why do Airlines Have Such Long Hold Times?

One of the quickest ways to travel is considered via air route. While traveling with the airline, you may come across specific terms or donuts requiring assistance from its customer service. And one of the preferred options is calling because the passenger gets to speak with the live person and have quick resolutions. But in this communication medium, the airlines have such long hold times that can restrict you from approaching customer service. Thus the cause with more information related to this has been mentioned in the subheadings.

Know about the causes of long hold times at Airlines

If you are getting a long hold duration a call to the airline, then there might be certain conditions by which you may be facing such a situation. And the circumstances by that you can meet such a situation have been stated beneath:-


One of the most specific reasons to get a hold time is the pandemic because, in this period, many changes occur in the passenger's itinerary. For confirmation, everyone tries to approach the airline in the most convenient way: call. A similar situation was crossed at the time of Covid 19, that it has applied a lot of restrictions on the airline, which created panic and spread the load on the call department. You may connect through the airline as quickly as possible if there is no such condition. 

Uncleared issues

When people approach customer service, they need clarification about their doubts and the required remedy. And to get an understanding of such a matter, one call took longer than usual, increasing the hold time of another passenger.  


Many people prefer to travel by airline, and when they get into trouble, a maximum number of people try to approach customer service on call. But when the airline does not have the number of staff required and due to this understaffing, the number of calls gets into the queue, which raises hold times.

Technical problem

When a technical issue at the airline calling department restricts picking up the calls, you can also get across such a situation. And this scenario continues as long as this problem is not get resolved. 

Grab details to avoid a long hold on Airlines

If you have to resolve your confusion and want to pass the hold time, here are a few alternatives by using that you can avoid. And the list of methods by that you can resolve your issues quickly is available underneath:-

  • Try to use the local contact number and then choose * or # from the menu to get through the airline directly.
  • You can use the phone number allotted for its premium members and get a quick connection.
  • You can arrange the callback at the available time by other known methods.
  • Get to customer service after clarifying the matter and the remedy you require.
  • The airline offers multiple communication options, such as chat, email, feedback, and social media. If you can't make one, try to switch methods.

Moreover, why do airlines have such long hold times for issues or queries? You can no longer get into your path because of the answers available here.

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