Why are Christmas Flight Tickets so Expensive?

Christmas is known to be the busiest time of the year, as people genuinely believe in the magic and genuine spirit. People make different plans for Christmas, and some celebrate this in its basic religious and cultural form and wish to see their families. In contrast, some people plan trips to spend quality time with their loved ones away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. Whatever way you choose to celebrate your Christmas, you have to take care of the flight fares, which is not hidden from anyone that Christmas flight tickets are so expensive. Well, before looking for ways to book flights at affordable prices, it is required for you to know the reason for the price rise during the festive season. 

Reason for price rise during the festive season 

Multiple reasons contribute to the prices of flights. Some of these are explained here for you as follows. 

  • Rise in demand- The most basic rule of the economy is that high demand equals the high price of the commodity, as the demand and prices are directly proportional. Just like that, when the airline faces a high rush, they immediately increase the costs of their flight tickets. 
  • The rise in Fuel Prices- After the pandemic hit us, the economy of any country is not in perfect shape, leading to the continuous increase in the prices of petrol, gas, grocery, and whatnot. Well, this doesn’t stop here as everything is correlated, and that is why increases in fuel prices affect the fare prices of flights the airlines. 
  • Business Travelers- People who travel in business first class are not as price-sensitive as other travelers. Sometimes even the flight fare gets influenced by this, and the passengers have to pay the higher price of their flight ticket due to some influencing travelers. 

The above-given points give the apt judgment about why Christmas Flight Tickets are so Expensive. Now, let’s find the best time to book a flight ticket for Christmas.

Best time to book a flight ticket during Christmas

Well, the best thing is to make the reservation of your flight ticket at least 60- 90 days before your departure date. But in case you have missed that chance, you also don’t have to worry about it as most airlines exhibit festive discounts and offer where they provide passengers with an average value of 15% if they make the reservation for the flight ticket for the first week of Christmas. Please make sure that the flight ticket reservation is made before December 22 because it will be almost impossible to make the booking at affordable prices as the fare will be sky-high. The passengers can also save up to 30-35% for some selected destinations. 

Tips for booking cheap flights during Christmas

These are the few ways through which you can avoid booking a flight with a high fare and having to worry about a Christmas flight so expensive. 

  • Flexible Flights date
  • Compare prices of Budgeted Airlines
  • Use Low fare calendar 
  • Make an advance low-fare booking
  • Try to make a reservation during weekdays
  • Avail the benefit of a festive discount 
  • Try to book the flights with the help of Google flights
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