What is The Pet Policy for Turkish Airlines?

Fond of your pet and do not wish to leave them behind while you are out travelling? Then why getting puzzled, why not take your fluffy companion along and enjoy your travel. But let us make you aware of the pet policy of your airlines.

Read About Turkish Airline Pet Policy

  • Turkish airline allows domestic birds, dogs and cats to fly along with their masters.
  • The dogs who have snubbed nose like Japanese Tosa, Bull Terrier, American Pitbull etc are not allowed to travel along whether on board or in the carrier.
  • Each passenger is allowed to take 1 pet along with them which should have a weight not more than 8 kg.
  • The pets travelling along should be kept in a proper carrier made of iron wires.
  • The passenger must have a proper medical check-up of their pet and procure all the important documents along with their documents.
  • Any pet which is not medically fit is not allowed to travel with you.
  • Also all kinds of venomous animals like snake, python etc are not allowed to travel at all.

Carrier Dimensions

According to Pet policy of Turkish airline, the dimensions of the carrier should be not exceeding more than 23 x 40 x 55 cm. The carrier must of sufficient size for movements of its pets. Also, the carriers must be labelled with passenger details like name, address, contact details, the name of the pet etc.

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