What is The Pet Policy for Frontier Airlines?

Get your favourite pets carried by availing the Pet Policy of Frontier Airlines

Travel to distant places with Frontier Airlines:

Frontier Airlines is an American ultra low cost carrier airline that is headquartered at Denver in Colorado. The airlines is the eighth largest commercial airline in US that operates a number of services to its passengers. The airlines provides domestic and international services to a number of passengers from its main hub located at Denver International Airport.

Frontier Airlines has a fleet size of 84. It provides excellent services to 103 destinations spread in different parts of the world from its headquarters located at Denver, Colorado in United States.

Detailed information to know more the Pet Policy of Frontier Airlines:

As per the pet policy of Frontier Airlines, the passengers are allowed to carry small pets along with them while flying with Frontier Airlines. To know more about the pet policy for Frontier Airlines, the passengers may contact the executives of Frontier Airlines.

  • Frontier Airlines allows small pets which may include dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and small household birds) to travel in the cabin on their scheduled flights for travelling to USA.
  • The carrier of the pet will able to fit underneath the seat that is fitted right in front of the passengers.
  • A fixed pet fee will be charged on the animals for carrying animals along with them while travelling in booked flights to their final destination. The fee depends on the size of the animal to be carried.

These are some of the details of the Pet Policy of Frontier Airlines. The passengers may contact the executives of Frontier Airlines for availing instant assistance to know more about the pet policy and the restrictions levied by the same.


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