What is the Cancellation Policy of Avianca Airlines?

A Detailed Guide About Avianca Cancellation Policy and Cancelation Process

Having a reservation with Avianca airline, you can easily cancel your flight anytime before the departure. In some cases, you might also have to pay the cancellation fee depending on the ticket type, cancellation time, route, etc.

However, you must thoroughly read the Avianca Airlines cancellation policy to avoid cancellation fees and make the cancellation process stress-free. Here we have covered all about the Avianca cancellation policy and the cancellation process in detail; you can go through it if you have no idea.

The cancellation policy of Avianca airlines

Cancellation policy

  • As per the airline's cancellation policy, you can make free cancellations on the tickets you purchased via the official website, customer care, or any authorized sources.
  • You can not make a cancellation request for the tickets; you purchase from a third party.
  • After the airline departs from the airport, you can not get a refund.
  • As per the airline's policy, your ticket value will be forfeited if you fail to board the flight or cancel within 30 minutes of departure.

24-hour cancellation policy

  • As per the Avianca cancellation policy 24 hours, if you cancel a flight on the same day of booking and the departure date is after seven days, the airline will not charge any fee. You are eligible to get a full refund in this case, and it applies to all the ticket types.
  • In case you cancel a flight after 24 hours, you need to pay the cancellation fee of some 
  • Amount.
  • If the airline cancels your flight, you are eligible to get a full refund, and you need not pay any cancellation fee.

No-show policy

  • The airline will not proceed with any refund if you fail to board the flight before the scheduled departure.
  • You can easily cancel your flight anytime through the cancellation policy above. You can apply for a refund online and offline by calling customer service. However, if you wonder how to cancel Avianca flight online, you can keep scrolling the page below.

How to cancel your Avianca flight ticket?

You can cancel your flight online by visiting the Manage bookings section and offline by calling customer service and at the airport. Here you can check out these options in detail.

Cancel flight online

  • Open the official website of Avianca airlines and then go to the login option.
  • Now enter your login credentials and click login in
  • Click on the tab Manage booking now
  • Type confirmation number and the last name to find required trip detail
  • Click on the cancel button and complete the cancellation form, along with the cancellation reason
  • Once you cancel the flight, you can apply for a refund at the same time

By calling customer care

You can also speak to the customer support team of Avianca to cancel your flight. To do this, you can dial the customer care number and follow the instructions on call. Once you are connected to the agent, you can request to cancel your flight. Provide all the details required for the cancellation.

At airport

  • You can also visit the airport and meet in person to cancel your flight.
  • You must be clear about Avianca Airlines cancellation policy now. However, if you have any issues or need additional information, you can speak to the Avianca customer support team anytime by visiting the customer support page.
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