Want to Know Southwest Airlines Covid Policy? Get All Details Here

Covid-19 has made a change in everyone's life that no one has ever thought of happening. And with time, the world has learned to fight against it and taking life back to normal. Since taking care of precautions and following the CDC guidelines, every airline provides a safer journey. Southwest also employs all safety measures to make your travel secure.

Moreover, if you have planned a trip on Southwest Airlines, you must provide the documents and test reports making sure that you have recovered from Covid. Or you don't have any symptoms during your boarding at the airport. Yes, Southwest Airlines require a negative RT-PCR report at the time of boarding; you need to provide the electronic statement or paper report.

There are many other things that you have to consider while traveling by Southwest Airlines. And if you wonder what is Southwest Covid's policy? You shouldn't miss this post to read; here, you get crucial information to consider while traveling by airline.

Points to Consider While About Covid Policy of Southwest Airlines

  • When you are not sure of what you need during your travel, you must visit the Southwest Airlines website. You can get all the latest updates on trips related to Covid policies on the customer support page.
  • If you travel by Southwest Airlines, you must provide the Covid-19 recovery report. The report showing that you have recovered from COVID must be authorized.
  • Sometimes, you need to check the Covid travel guideline of the destination where you want to fly. Also, follow the
  • Southwest Airlines Covid policy to complete your journey.
  • At the entry of the airport, you need to provide the negative PCR report. You are making sure that you have received the report within three days of the departure.
  • You need to conduct the test from an authorized test center and provide the paper report. Moreover, you can show the electronic test report.

By considering the above points, you won't face any problems during travel with Southwest Airlines. Thus you need to follow the CDC guidelines, and if you want to know more about Southwest Airlines Covid policy, you can dial the reservation support team. The expert available on the support team assists you on a single phone call. Above all, the support team agents are there to help you in different ways. So, dial the customer service number or request a chat on the website and get all the details.

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