What is Difference Between Boeing and Airbus?

Both aircraft look the same and are operated by two pilots; what is the difference between them? This is a common question that once comes to every traveler's mind related to an Airbus and a Boeing! Suppose you have the same question about the difference between Airbus and Boeing. In that case, you must read this article, where each point is explained briefly, which would help you understand all the reliable things to differentiate appropriately. So keep reading to distinguish between both aircraft.

Airbus vs. Boeing, how are they different?

Difference in Cockpit

The cockpit is different in both aircraft as Airbus uses a side stick with an armrest which is easy to operate, and in Boeing, a conventional yoke is provided to its pilots. Well, this comfortability ultimately depends upon the pilots and what they like and feel when flying an aircraft.

Front Look or Nose Design

One major difference that can help to identify the two aircraft is their nose design. The Airbus has a rounded nose compared to Boeing's pointed nose. So you can use the airbus nose vs. Boeing nose theory to clearly know those particular aircraft's categories.


You can differentiate both aircraft by looking at their lights. You can determine these flights by looking at their flashing lights at night. If you concentrate on the number of blinks, you can differentiate them. If the strobe light flashes once, it is a Boeing, and if it flashes twice, it is an Airbus. 

Body tail structure 

Looking at the aircraft from the side, you can see the difference in their body tail structure. The fuselage will remain below the body on the tail section if it is an Airbus. And if the aircraft is a Boeing, the fuselage slopes below the body. 

Front and main Landing Gears

You can differentiate Airbus from Boeing by looking at their front landing gears and main landing gears. The Boeing has a shooter gear than that of the Airbus. And the main landing gear has four wheels in the case of Boeing, while two wheels are on an Airbus' main landing gear. 

Naming System 

The other difference that you can easily sight is with the help of their naming systems. Airbus and Boeing have different naming styles. They have different naming patterns. An Airbus is named in the format A3x0, whereas the Boeing is named 7x7. x depends on the aircraft's family. For example, if the family of the aircraft is 8, then the Boeing will be named 787, and the Airbus will be named as A380. 

Aircraft Monitors

Both aircraft can be differentiated if you understand their aircraft monitoring systems as per which the aircraft performs. Both use different monitoring systems and have different types of engine conditions. Airbus uses an EICAS monitor, whereas Boeing uses an ECAM monitoring system. EICAS, using pilots, is liable to assess the problems and rectify them, whereas ECAS is an automated system. 

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