What is Cancellation Policy for Aeroflot?

A Complete Guide on Aeroflot Flight Cancellations

Aeroflot is the official flag carrier and the largest airline in the Russian Federation and one of the oldest operating airlines in the aviation industry. Aeroflot is a long-time partner in the aviation segment and delivers international and domestic flights to several destinations.

If you have an Aeroflot flight booking or a reservation and cannot continue with your flight tickets due to unavoidable circumstances, worry no more because the following will help you significantly. You can know about the cancellation policy for Aeroflot and the process to cancel your Aeroflot flight tickets with the help of the points listed below.

Aeroflot Cancellation Policy

The points listed below will help you understand the cancellation policy related to the Aeroflot flight tickets;

24-hour Cancellation- Aeroflot has created several measures to make cancellations hassle-free for their passengers;

  • You can cancel your Aeroflot flight tickets free of cost within the initial 24 hours of making a flight booking or reservation.
  • If you miss the 24-hour window, you won’t be able to cancel your flight tickets for free.
  • Your departure date must be seven days or more after the cancellation date.
  • You can only cancel your tickets if you purchased them with the help of the official Aeroflot website or by calling their reservations number.
  • If you purchased your tickets via a travel website or through a travel agent, you’d have to contact the respective person to cancel your tickets.

Thus, you can learn about the Aeroflot cancellation policy with the help of all the points listed above, and you can make a hassle-free cancellation free of cost if you meet all the points mentioned above.

How to cancel your Aeroflot Flight tickets?

You can cancel your Aeroflot flight tickets via the steps listed below;

  • Visit the official Aeroflot website with the help of an internet browser of your choice.
  • Once the Aeroflot website loads, click on the option ‘Manage your bookings’ present in the main tab of the website.
  • Enter the following details to proceed with your request.
  1. Booking code
  2. Last name
  • After entering the mentioned details, click on the option ‘Search.’
  • The following page will display all the information related to your Aeroflot flight booking or reservation.
  • Scroll down and click on the ‘Cancel flight tickets’ option in the same menu.
  • It will ask you to confirm your choices.
  • Click on the ‘Confirm’ option.
  • This procedure will cancel your existing and selected Aeroflot flight tickets.

Therefore, you can cancel your Aeroflot tickets with the help of the steps mentioned above and know about their cancellation policy effectively. If you wish to cancel your flight tickets for free, you’ll have to meet their criteria and cancel your tickets accordingly. If you still face any major problems, you can call the aeroflot customer service phone number and speak directly with one of their live representatives. The Aeroflot customer support team is more than happy to assist you with your queries and provide instant resolutions to the problems you have been facing with the Aeroflot services.

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