What is Air France Pregnancy Policy?

Air France is known to be a flag carrier airline in North Paris, serves more than 32 destinations in France, and operates worldwide. The airlines ensure that every passenger traveling with them gets the best comfort. The airlines take delicate issues seriously, and they ensure that the passengers who need medical assistance or travel with infants get the special attention of the crew. The same is the case for pregnant women traveling with Air France. However, some rules are required to be followed by the passengers.

Air France's Pregnancy Policy

  • As per the comfort and well-being of the passenger, they shouldn't travel starting from week 37 of pregnancy or in the first seven days following childbirth.
  • The passengers didn't require official permission from the doctor o travel by air during pregnancy. But it is advisable to discuss all the necessary measures before taking the flight. 
  • The passengers are advised to choose layered or comfortable clothes. 
  • To facilitate blood circulation, wear compression stockings. 
  • You should reserve an aisle seat so that you can leave your seat with ease.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and avoid carbonated beverages. 
  • Attach your seat belt carefully below the abdomen for seven days following childbirth.

The above-given information is enough for you to know about the pregnancy policy of Air France and get the best possible help. 

The process to make the reservation for your flight ticket is simple and quick; all you need to do is follow the steps.

  • Get onto the official website of Air France and look for the 'Flight Booking' option.
  • Once you get onto the flight booking page, you must fill in the departure and arrival date, the number of passengers, one-way/ round trip, and all necessary details.
  • Once all the necessary details are complete, the process is to get onto the page where you'll find all the available flights. 
  • Once all the details are complete, you must follow the on-screen process to complete the reservation process. 
  • Once all the details are complete, you'll receive the confirmation in your registered email. 

The passengers can also confirm their flight ticket over the call by calling the customer service agent of the airline. 

Regulations for Infants flying with Air France

  • Infants can travel on any domestic airline for free within France as long as they are comfortable traveling on the lap of the other passenger.
  • Only one infant is permitted, with one adult above 18, who must be the child's mother or father. 
  • The passengers traveling with the infant are under the age of 18 then they are required to be accompanied by their mother or father.
  • For international flights, children under the age of 2 are charged 10% of an adult fare plus taxes, even if the infant will be on the lap of the other passenger. 


I hope the above-given information will be enough for you to know Air France's pregnancy policy. And for more details, get in touch with the airline's customer service team by visiting the airline's official website.

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