What will happen if Sun Country cancels a flight?

You are ready to board your flight, and suddenly you get a message that your flight is canceled. It is the most unpleasant situation everyone wants to stay away from. Sun country airlines understand it and provide its passengers with the best possible solutions. What happens if sun country cancels a flight? What are the options you have? You will get to know about everything in the content below. So make sure you read out the complete information below.

Let's check out what you can do when sun country cancel the flight

In case of any technical glitch or unavoidable situation, if the airline cancels a flight, you will receive a notification within 36 hours of departure. After you receive the notification, you can follow the instructions below.

  • Once the airline cancels your flight, you can rebook the same flight to another date and time, or you can opt to get a full refund from the sun country.
  • You can contact the sun country support team after you get a notification from the airline about your flight cancellation.
  • Now you can confirm your booking reference number to the sun country representative, and they will give you full information about your flight.
  • The support team will provide you with a different date for your canceled flight without additional charges.
  • If it works, you can proceed with the booking; else, you can ask for a full refund at your original mode of payment at the same time. 
  • Once you request the refund, the sun country executive will initiate your refund immediately.

So summing up the information above, if the airline cancels your flight, you can go with the options below.

  • Rebook your flight:- You can rebook your flight by speaking to the customer support team or online by visiting the manage booking section. You can access your trip details and go to the rebooking options against the canceled flight.
  • Get a full refund:- If you don't want to rebook your flight, you can also opt to get a full refund. You can request a refund online by submitting the refund request form, or you can speak to the sun country support team to get your refund.

Although the airline initiates your refund by the same time, if your refund takes more than the expected time, you can speak to sun country customer service to know the status of your refund. You can speak to the airline's support team by visiting the customer support page of the airline online and accessing several customer support options from there.

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