What Happens If Birth Date is Wrong on Plane Ticket?

You receive your ticket and see that your birth date is wrong. Either you have accidentally entered your wrong birthdate, or the Airline has made a mistake in mentioning your birth date. Whatever the reason, the consequences of what if the birthdate is wrong on the plane ticket would be like your journey can be questioned, and you will be put on hold, which is not okay. To amend this wrong date in the ticket. 

What to do If Your Flight Ticket has the Wrong Date of Birth?

When there is a wrong date of birth, you need to correct it using the Airline's contact methods. Also, before correcting, you are advised to go through the birth date change policy of the Airline. In this text, you will get a generalized idea of Airline.

Birth date change policy of an Airline 

You must get your wrong birthday on the plane ticket amended. Otherwise, consequences would affect your journey. In general, there are basic rules that you need to keep in mind while making corrections to your name. Those generalized policy rules are as follows:

  • The changes made should coincide with the information on your passport.
  • If you make corrections to your birthdate within 24 hours of the original booking, the changes will be free.
  • If you choose to make corrections after the risk-free period of 24 hours, the Airline might charge you a change fee which you will have to pay
  • If the Airline makes a mistake, the changes will be free.
  • The change fees vary depending upon your ticket type or fare type. 

Ways to contact the Airline to make changes to birth date.

Almost every Airline provides two to three ways using which a customer can get in touch with the customer care team of the Airline. The same is the procedure to change the wrong date of birth on an international flight. Here are those methods;

Make a Phone Call:-- You can make a phone call to the customer care team of a particular Airline of which you have the ticket. You need to follow the IVR menu as:

  • You can press 0 to choose your language 
  • You need to press 1 to book a new flight
  • You got to press 2 to know the status of your booked flight
  • Now press 3 to make changes to your flight 
  • Or you can press # to talk to the agent about the erroneous birthdate on your ticket.

Online Method:- you can also make changes on your own via this online Method. Follow the steps to do the same:

  • Firstly visit the official website of the Airline.
  • Now on the home page, you will find options such as Manage Booking, My Trips, or My reservation. You need to click any of the available.
  • Now fill in the details asked as your name and ticket number 
  • Choose to edit and make changes to your date of birth 
  • Submit it 
  • And you will receive a confirmation.

Offline Method:-- You can also reach the Airport directly where you need to go to the help desk or booking window. Tell them the issue, and you will be given a new ticket.

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