What Are the Ways to Check Your Flight Reservations?

Many travelers prefer to check their flight reservations before actually visiting the airport. It is good to stay updated with the whereabouts of your flight, so checking your flight status before its scheduled departure is a good idea. No matter if you have booked your flight online, mobile application, flight booking websites, or via a travel agent, you can check the reservation status effectively.

This article can save time and effort for travelers who need to know what are the ways to check your flight reservations? Here, you can find the necessary details of checking a flight reservation before proceeding with the boarding process.

Ways to Check a Flight Reservation

Many airlines care for their passengers’ needs and requirements, including the right to stay updated with their flight itinerary. That is why you can choose any of the mentioned methods to check the flight reservations-

  • Visiting the official website
  • Using the airline’s mobile application
  • Calling the airline’s reservation center

A detailed guide to help you check flight reservation

Getting a flight status check depends on the airline you have booked your ticket with. But generally below mentioned are the methods through which you can check your flight reservation in real-time on most of the airlines-

On the official website:

To check the status of your flight reservation online, follow the given steps:

  • Visit the official website of the airline.
  • On the homepage, you can see the booking management section; click on it.
  • You need to enter your flight details like the booking reference number and the passenger’s last name as mentioned in the ticket; click on the Find Booking button given below the form.
  • Next, you need to select the reservation for which you need to check the status.
  • Once you select the reservation, the airline presents the details of your flight. Now head towards the check flight reservation section.
  • Further, you will be able to see the status of your reservation and all the updates related to it.

So, follow these steps if you want to check the reservation online without facing any trouble.

On the mobile application:

Many airlines offer the flight reservation review facility on their mobile application. Stop asking what are the ways to check your flight reservations? And follow the given steps if you have the airline’s official application downloaded on your mobile:

  • Open the mobile application of your chosen airline.
  • On the first page, you need to navigate to the sign-in tab.
  • Sign in to your existing account using the booking ID and password you created while making the account.
  • Once you sign in to your account, see your flight details, and even extract your reservation’s current status.

If you have these steps ready in your hand, you can update your flight reservations using the airline’s mobile application.

Using the customer service

Well, contacting the customer service representative of the airline’s reservation center can save your time effectively. Call your booked airline and tell them that you want to check your flight reservation; they will provide you with updates on your reservation in real-time.

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