How To Web Check-In on Thai Airways?

There are many passengers who wish to save their travel time and opt for quick boarding. Fortunately, Thai Airways has considered this request and allowed the passengers to check-in in advance before the scheduled departure. However, the passengers are required to check-in within the predetermined time frame as stated in the official website. So, in case, if you don’t know how to check in Thai Airways, follow the simple procedure provided here in this article.

Online Web Check-in Thai Airways Reservations:

Note: It is recommended that you make all the changes before proceeding with the online check-in process.

  • In order to check-in for your booked Thai Airways reservations, launch the airline website.
  • Further, you are required to click on the check-in option.
  • After that, you need to enter the reservation code and surname in the provided field to retrieve your booking.
  • Thereafter, your booking will be retrieved that you need to verify and click on Continue.
  • Then, you will be provided with an option to select seat assignment for your reservations.
  • Further, you are required to select seats for your reservations and click on Continue.
  • Once the seats are confirmed, you will be provided with the boarding passes that you can download to use it later while traveling.

Besides, if you face any kind of issue during the online check-in process, you can simply contact the reservation center of the airline for assistance and enjoy your trip.

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