How To Make Reservations on VivaAerobus?

Travel with your Children and Pets Smoothly with Affordable VivaAerobus Reservations

VivaAerobus is  a low-cost Mexico based airlines which is headquartered in Insurgentes Norte, Mexico City. VivaAerobus has a fleet size of 37 that covers more than 42+ destinations in every part of the world. VivaAerobus is highly popular for its affordable and best in class traveling services that make it the best choice for traveling among the passengers. Every passenger who wants to feel a comfortable and smooth journey can simply make their reservation on VivaAerobus airlines to multiple destinations. Every passenger can book their flights on VivaAerobus in multiple ways.

What are the types of classes in VivaAerobus?

There are three sorts of classes provided by VivaAerobus in its flights which are given below:

  • Vivalight.
  • Vivabasic.
  • Vivasmart.

How to Make Reservations in VivaAerobus?

Do you wish to experience world-class traveling comforts during your journey? Then you can travel with VivaAerobus where you can get affordable flight deals to the varied destinations. The process of VivaAerobus Reservations is very easy and you can perform it online within simple steps.

Process of VivaAerobus Reservations:

    • First of all, open your browser to go to the official Booking API. 
    • Thereafter, choose the type of trip such as one-way and round trip.
  • Type the departure city and arrival city.
  • After that, you will require to select the date for departure and arrival.
  • Provide the number of passengers into the given box.

What is VivaAerobus Pet Travel Policy?

Want to travel outside for a vacation or other important work via air? But you can’t leave your pet alone for a single moment? Then you can simply travel with your pet as VivaAerobus allow the passengers to travel with their pets. But it is always necessary to know about VivaAerobus Pets Reservations in which lots of rules and restrictions are prescribed that’s important to know before making the reservations.

In-cabin Pet Travel

  • Your pet must be fully weaned or at least eight weeks old.
  • Snub-nosed pets are also permitted to travel inside the cabin.
  • The maximum weight of your pet including the pet carrier should be 10 kg and the size is 40 x 30 x 20 cm.
  • Pet carrier must be fitted in front of your seat and it should be neat and clean.

Hold Pet Travel

  • The maximum weight of your pet should be 32 kg.
  • The maximum size is 319 linear cm.
  • Your pet dog or cat must be at least sixteen weeks old.
  • For the  best comforts and safety, pet traveling in the baggage.

What is VivaAerobus Children Travel Policy? 

VivaAerobus doesn’t provide any sort of special care or service for minors who are below 14 years. But it never means that a minor can’t travel with VivaAerobus as children can simply travel with VivaAerobus flights as per the prescribed policy for children. You can make VivaAerobus Reservations for Children as per the below instructions:

  • If any children are under 14 years and neither the parents nor guardians, then it is mandatory to submit a written consent which should be duly signed by parents and guardians.
  • Any infant can travel with their parents without paying extra charges.
  • If the infant is 2 years old, then it is mandatory to purchase a seat on that particular flight.

You can simply make VivaAerobus Reservations after following the above-given instructions. If you still need any kind of assistance regarding the reservations process or pets travel policy, then you can also contact the customer service team of VivaAerobus for the better information on all sorts of queries.

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