How To Make Reservations in United Airlines?

About United Airline’s Reservation Process

United Airlines is one of the major airlines that are based in USA. Depending upon its number of flights, or destinations covered as well as number of passengers traveling each day, United is third largest growing airline in aviation industry. If you are flying in or out of USA by United Airline for the first time and know nothing about the reservation and other formalities, you can quickly take a tour of below given details of United Airlines reservations. You can go through the below given details of booking and make a reservation.

Booking Procedure of United Airlines Flight

  • If you want to book flight in United Airlines then firstly visit the official website
  • Now on the website, tap on booking link
  • As a new page loads, instead of the homepage, make sure to fill in all the necessary details given
  • Starting with your date, time and the place you want to travel
  • Mention if you are planning to take a round trip or just one way trip
  • At last fill out with how many co-passengers are you traveling including adults and kids
  • And as you complete all the details, cross check and tap on search button
  • Depending upon your needs, airline will show you number of flights.
  • Choose one, make payment and you are done.

Different Classes in United Airlines

  • Economy
  • Different levels of business class
  • Upper class

And that’s how you can book a flight ticket. But suppose if you have to fly with pets and you have no idea about the rules then follow United Airlines pet reservations polices mentioned below.

Pet Policies of United Airlines

  • If you want to take along your pets on the flight then, you can carry small pups or kittens in the cabin
  • While carrying pets in cabin, make sure they are locked properly and don’t cause an problem for co-passengers
  • In case your pet is big and quite heavy, you can carry them in cargo. Alike normal baggage policy, depending upon the breed and weight of your pet you will be charged
  • There are few species of dogs and kittens which are not allowed on board. Hence before making a booking, cross check the species
  • And that’s all for pet policies of united Airlines. Similarly if you are planning to travel with your kid or infant, you can easily cross check the united Airlines reservations for children and make a reservation.

Children Policies of United Airlines

  • To travel with children who are under two years of age, will not be charged with ticket
  • As long as you carry the infant in your lap, you don’t need to book a seat
  • If you are traveling to some international destination, you will be charged with some percent of flight cost whereas there are no charges for domestic flights
  • Let’s say if during the trip, your kids turn two then on the way back you have to pay for the seat
  • All the airlines have washroom facility for babies and hence you can change their clothes
  • If your child is less than 15 years, you won’t be permitted to sit near exit.

And that’s all for pet policies and children policies of United Airlines. In case of any doubt, contact customer care.

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      • It is the best service provider. I always used to these united airlines reservation. Thanks!!!.
      • Thanks for sharing this informative article on the united airline's reservation. The reservation process is easy and simple..
      • Thanks for sharing this informative article on the united airline's reservation. The reservation process is easy and simple..
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