How to Change Seat After Check-In on Turkish Airlines?

Know How to Change Seats for Your Turkish Airlines Reservations After Check-In

In this fast track world, people want things to be done quickly and before time so, that they are not lagged behind. And this is also a reason, why most people prefer online check-in to save their travel time. However, there are times when passengers wish to make changes in their seats assignment once they have checked-in. Generally, most of the airlines don’t allow changes post check-in, but if a passenger has booked reservations with Turkish Airlines then one can make seat changes for their flight tickets.

Condition for Changing Turkish Airlines Seats Post Check-in

As per the guidelines of the airlines, as long as the boarding passes are not printed, the passengers can easily make changes to the seat assignment even after online check-in. Hence, one can easily opt for Turkish Airlines change seat after check-in service.

Now, how to change seat after online check-in for Turkish Airlines reservations:

Note: It is required that your boarding pass has not been printed even after check-in.

  • In order to make changes in your seat assignment, the passenger is required to reach airport and visit the kiosks self service desk.
  • Further, provide them with your request for the seat change.
  • After your request has been accepted, you will be provided with the seat options available.’
  • Thereafter, passenger can select the seat of their choice and get a printed boarding pass with upgraded details.

And in case, if a passenger still face any issue with the seat change process, they can simply reach out to the help desk at the airport and get the desired assistance.

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