Top U.S. Cities Where St. Patrick's Day Is Celebrated

Here are the top U.S. Cities where St. Patrick's Day is Celebrated

Enjoy St. Patrick Day with fun and happiness:

St Patrick’s Day is a special Irish festival that is widely celebrated in United States of America. People enjoy this festival with fun. The festival brings a lot of happiness. The festival is celebrated on 17th March. On this day, people in United States of America are seen dressed up in green on the streets. There are a number of places where this festival is celebrated.

What are the places where St. Patrick Day is celebrated?

Places where St. Patrick Day is celebrated are mentioned here. The passengers may book cheap flight tickets for visiting these places so as to watch and enjoy the festival of St Patrick’s Day. The day brings a lot of fun and excitement on this day. People enjoy watching this festival with great enthusiasm and fun.


Boston is the city that has the largest number of Irish people. So this place is quite famous for celebrating St. Partick Day. On this festival, the celebrations get started a week before the official holiday. The festival is marked by the presence of band concerts and film festival. Also, the travellers may have a look at the parade on this special festival sharing joy and happiness all over the world.


On St. Patrick Day, the passengers may visit the parade on this festival. After dyeing of the Chicago River in the shade of green, the festival begins with enthusiasm and happiness. Also, there is an annual parade which gets completed with bagpipers, Irish dancers and Clydesdale horses.

3. San Francisco:

The passengers enjoy to the fullest on this special day. There are a number of musicians and dancers in the parade that is held on St. Patrick’s Day. The annual parade is huge and enjoyed by a number of travellers in the city. There are a number of participants and performers who perform on St Patrick’s Day. The travellers may enjoy to the dance and music on this day.

4.New York City:

The biggest annual parade in the world is held on St Patrick’s day in New YorK city. The residents of New York participate with great enthusiasm and fun on St Patrick’s Day.


Savannah is another city where the large annual parade attracts a number of tourists to itself. Great performances and musical shows add to the glory of the festival. Participants actively take part in the festival and enjoy participating in this festival.

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