What is Swiss Air Pet Policy?

Don't Miss to Know the Swiss Air Pet Policy Before You Travel with Your Pet

On Swiss Airlines, the passengers are facilitated with a number of services among which pet travel is something that can touch your heart. The airline understands the bond of love that a pet and human shares this is why the airline provides you a very flexible and passenger-friendly pet policy. If you are willing to travel along with your pet on Swiss Airlines, then, you shouldn't miss this post to read. As here you would get to know some important points on the pet policy of Swiss Air.

What Pet Policy of Swiss Air States?

  • According to the Swiss Air pet policy, each passenger traveling on the Swiss Airlines flight is allowed to take a maximum of two animals (Cats and dogs) along with him or her in a closed container.
  • Also, the transportation of an animal can be in cabin or in the hold.
  • If you are carrying two animals along with you on the flight, then, one animal will be in the cabin and another one will be in the hold.
  • Also, through an approved transport container or two containers, a maximum of two animals are allowed to travel.
  • Pets of the age of 12 weeks or above are allowed to travel on the flights from the USA. Besides, for the flight traveling to the USA, the pets of 16 weeks and above are only allowed to travel.

Kindly, note that, as per the Swiss Air pet policy the given countries will only let you carry animals or imported as cargo:

  • Australia
  • Ireland
  • Hong Kong
  • South Africa
  • Kenya
  • United Kingdom
  • United Arab Emirates

Aside from this, if you are having other queries about Swiss Air pet policy, you are free to ask them anytime. The customer service of Swiss Air is always there to deliver you reliable information. And also, the support team will provide you all the required details through which the travel will be better and more convenient for you. Additionally, you can make reservations on Swiss Airlines for a pet by contacting the reservation support team of Swiss Air.

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