Pet Policy Of Sun Country Airlines

Planning To Travel With Pet On Sun Country Airlines? Check out the Sun Country Airlines pet policy

Sun Country Airlines is a low-cost airline which is based at Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport. Also, the airline provides you several astonishing services pet travel is one of them. For domestic destination flights, you can make a reservation for your pet on Sun Country Airlines. Since it offers limited space for pets in cabin and doesn't allow pets to carry as checked baggage, people are always advised to make an advanced booking.

Moreover, you should know the Sun Country Airlines pet policy before you reserve a spot in the main cabin. And to help you out in this we have brought you some important points highlighting the major concerns from the airlines. These points will help you to travel with your pet without facing any trouble.

Points to note about Sun Country Airlines pet policy

  • Sun Country Airlines allows a maximum of four pets on each flight as carry-on baggage and you have to make a reservation for a spot to carry your pet. Hence the moment your flight ticket gets confirmed you should also reserve a spot for your pet as there is limited space is available.
  • Sun Country Airlines lets pets (Cats and Dogs) allow in the cabin on some certain flights operating within the United States. And the combined weight of pet carriers along with the pet must not extend 16 lbs.
  • If you are traveling through the international flights, you will not allow traveling along with your pet or flights to/from Anchorage.
  • In addition, as per the Sun Country Airlines pet policy, only one pet is allowed to travel along with each passenger on a flight.
  • Also, you will require to pay $125 (if you reserve the spot in advance) for each flight segment if you travel with your pet in the main passenger cabin. Apart from this, you can have a walk-up booking by paying $199, just in case, the 4-pt limit has not been reached for the cabin.

Aside from this, if you need to learn more about traveling with your pet on Sun Country Airlines or you have some questions regarding the Sun Country Airlines pet policy, you should not hesitate to ask it with the customer service team of Sun Country Airlines. Contact them right away to get complete and reliable assistance.

  • Customer Reviews
      • Our check in process with pet was effective gracious and simple , The Sun Country orderly was supportive for pet reservations. Customs into Mexico lines were short and smooth. Our gear arrived in a convenient way. The outing back home was simple and smooth too. 

      • Thank you for sharing this article about Sun Country Airlines Policy. I think everything should be cleared before traveling to any airlines and this article will help us a lot. .
      • I really found this article intresting and informative as well. I am sure this article will help those who are planning to travel with Pet on Sun Country Airlines. .
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