How To Book Group Travel Ticket For Sun Country Airlines?

How To Group Travel With Sun Country Airlines: Deep Insights

Booking group travel tickets with any airline can be quite stressful & burdening especially for the person who is going to lead the travel plans. But there are airlines such as Sun Country Airlines that makes the group travel process simple and easy for the passengers. With the Sun Country Airlines, you can easily book your group travel tickets at affordable fares without going through any difficulties.

Group Travel With Sun Country Airlines: Overview

The group travel program of Sun Country Airlines let you book tickets for minimum of 10 passengers in your group itinerary at affordable and discounted fares. However, you’ll need to contact the airline’s reservation center first to obtain complete details on its off-published offers and deals regarding Sun Country Airlines Group Travel.

Prime Benefits Of Group Travel With Sun Country Airlines

Listed below are the major benefits of group travel with Sun Country Airlines.

  • Flexible Group Travel Payments
  • Sun Country Airlines allows you to pay the full payment of your group travel even after your reservations have been made. However, a security fee of $5.60 each way & Airport facility charges of $9 (one way) or $18 (round-trip) must be paid at the time of reservations process.
  • No Extra Fee
  • Sun Country Airlines do not demands for any extra charges on its group booking, flight ticketing or changes.

Group Travel Booking Process of Sun Country Airlines

Here’s how you can book your Sun Country Airlines Group Travel.

Get in touch with the reservation center at Sun Country Airlines and then discuss the following details with the dedicated assistant

  • Type of group (Sports, Family, School, Religious) and number of passengers
  • Your preferred travel dates

Get your travel plans approved from the Sun Country and submit an online travel booking form including the following details

  • Group leader name
  • Departure date
  • Email
  • Confirmation number

Pay a booking the booking fee per passenger as specified by the travel assistant for confirmation – Online or at Reservation desk

For more details regarding Sun Country Airlines Group Travel, check-ins, baggage fees, discounts, deals, etc, contact its customer support.

  • Customer Reviews
      • Check in was very easy, boarding went smoothly, and there were no issues with the flight. Paying for carry on luggage may be inconvenient, but it really helps with getting people seated. The flight itself was trouble free. The flight attendants were courteous and professional. I highly recommend Sun Country.


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