What Is Southwest Airlines Pregnancy Policy?

Know About The Pregnancy Policy in Southwest Airlines

Travelling during pregnancy is a major concern for the pregnant lady but taking care of her during the travel is the responsibility of fellow passengers and airline. All the airlines have different pregnancy policies. If a pregnant woman is travelling, then she should have complete info about the pregnancy policy of that particular airline.

Southwest Airlines is among the best airlines in terms of services and facilities offered to a pregnant lady on-the board. Pregnancy is never considered as a medical or health issue unless it has no complications.

Before travelling, Southwest airlines pregnancy policy should be referred, which include the following points:

  • The lady is advised to travel, only if expected delivery date is not less than 14 days or less.
  • Travelling by air sometimes causes complications or premature labor pain. So, pregnant lady should be mentally prepared about the complications.
  • Before travelling, pregnant ladies should consult their physician or doctor so as to take precautions during the travel.
  • Southwest airlines do not recommend any pregnant lady to travel when 38th week begins.
  • While flying, the documents or certifications of no-complications should be carried along by the pregnant woman.
  • The ladies who are pregnant are not allowed to sit in the emergency exit row.
  • The seat is allotted according to the physical condition, agility and strength.
  • So, whenever a pregnant lady plans a travel in Southwest airlines, they need to read and agree with all the above mentioned rules, defined by the airline.

To know more or for any other issue, customer support of Southwest airlines can be contacted. To reach them, a passenger can use phone, email or live chat support as per convenience. The representatives in the airline will assist passengers with all issues and queries for their better flying experience. The contact details required to reach the support department are mentioned on the official website of Southwest airlines.

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