Low-fare deals with Southwest Airlines $59, $49, and $29.

Southwest Airlines is a significant low-cost and world's largest US airline. It flies to more than 101 international and domestic destinations in and around the US and ten countries. It is well known for the pocket-friendly costs of the flights with the best possible facilities. It is a three-star certified airline known for the quality of products and services that it provides to its customers. It is famously known for its deals, low fares, and sale of ticket prices. One of the famous deals that the airline has is $59, $49, and $29 sales. To know more about these deals and offers, you can read the information given in the content below. The content has all the details that you might need shortly while making bookings. 

What is Southwest's $59, $49, and $29 sale?

If you are a new flyer with Southwest airlines, then you must be aware of the sale that the airline launches once a year. The tickets' fare drops to the lowest price, which ranges from $29 to $59. The tickets' food, however, depends on the fare type and routes of the booked ticket. Hence, if you plan a trip with Southwest airlines, you must go through the deals and sales section to know about any sales there through which you can grab the best possible price for the ticket you are booking. 

What destinations are valid for $59, $49, and $29 sales?

To help plan a trip at the lowest possible price, you can surf through the deals and sales that the airline provides. You can grab the best fare through the sales that the airline offers. But keep a note of the fact that there are a particular number of places where the deal is valid. The destinations to which the Southwest Airlines Sale $59, $49, and $29 are helpful are listed below:

Places to which Southwest flies for $59. 

There are many routes on which the $59 deal is available on a one-way flight. The places which are valid with a $59 sale are as follows: 

  • Fort Lauderdale and Jacksonville
  • Long Beach and Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas and Los Angeles
  • Burbank and San Fransisco
  • Las Vegas and Salt Lake City

Places to which Southwest flies for $49. 

If you are planning a good holiday trip on a limited budget and want to spend the least in traveling, you can go through the listed place where you can avail of the $49 deal. The locations are now listed below:

  • San Diego and Las Vegas
  • Chicago and Detriot
  • Baltimore and Providence
  • Nashville and Atlanta
  • Las Vegas and Phoenix

Places to which Southwest flies for $29.

Last but not least, if you are searching for tickets that would cost as low as $29, then the places to which you can fly at this least price are as follows: 

  • Baltimore and New york
  • Phoenix and Palm Springs
  • Houston and New Orleans
  • Interisland and Hawaii

What are the best days to get the cheapest Southwest tickets?

You must plan and ok your tickets for Thursdays on Tuesday afternoon as the airline launches new deals during this time of the week and the tickets for Thursday are the cheapest. 

However, you can use the low-fare calendars, which will help you grab the best price for the tickets to your destination through which you can get the cheapest tickets. You can also search for the costs in incognito mode, through which you can avail of cheap flight tickets. You can even look for cheap tickets with the help of price comparison. It would help if you compared the price of the keys and then went ahead to make the bookings. 

Make sure that you book tickets on Tuesday to avail yourself of the new deals on the airline. 

When can you not access Southwest's $59, $49, and $29 deals?

These annual deals also, unfortunately, are not available during the peak season. The dates during which you can not access the deals are: 

  • From November 17 to November 29
  • December 16 to January 2

Make sure you make the bookings on Tuesday and Wednesday, through which you can get the maximum discounts on tickets. The offers during these days are the best you can avail yourself of. 

How to find cheap flights with www.travomart.com? 

To make a trip worth remembering, one opts to look for the cheap travel cost. To get the cheapest tickets possible, you must go through the tricks that are listed below through which you can avail of the keys with the lowest prices: 

  • Talk to travel agents from www.travomart.com- If you wish to buy cheap tickets and are confused about where to get one, you can look for ways to talk to a travel agent from the agency who will help you with the ways through which you can get cheaper travel tickets. 
  • Newsletter Subscription- You must note offers and deals from the newsletters through which you can access cheap flight tickets. You must subscribe and follow the newsletter and manage the last-minute deals. 
  • Use Social media platforms- You can also use the social media handles of the airlines, where you can find the latest deals to get cheap flight tickets. The deals and offers first get updated on the banners of the social media handles of the airlines. The various social media platforms on which Southwest is connected are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. 
  • Find promotional Deals- You can also visit the official website of the airlines, where you can access the deals running on banners. These promotional deals will help you get cheap flight tickets. 
  • Mention your earlier bookings with www.travomart.com- If you wish to get cheap flight tickets, you can also mention the bookings you made with www.travomart.com earlier. Through this, you can get an additional discount on the tickets. 

How to get the deal while booking a Southwest airline ticket? 

After learning about the other facilities, if you want to know how to make the bookings of a ticket through which you can get the cheapest tickets. The process is explained below: 

  • Reach out to the official website of Southwest Airlines. 
  • Then, tap on the book section, enter the required details, such as origin and destination city, date of travel, and class, and then click on the low-fare calendar. 
  • Select a travel date and proceed by tapping on the search tab. 
  • Then, select a flight you want to travel with. Note that you are choosing the ticket on which the deal is valid.
  • After this, make the payment with the help of on-screen instructions. 
  • After successfully making the bookings, you will receive an email to the registered email address. 

Benefits of Southwest Airlines $59, $49, and $29 sale. 

There are various advantages that you can get from the Southwest Airlines deal. These are listed below:

  • Save extra money 
  • You can access lounge facilities at the airport
  • Priority boarding
  • Priority baggage check-in
  • Assistance on arrival at the airport
  • You get welcome drinks on the aircraft
  • Get magazines and newspapers on the aircraft
  • Get a seat of your choice
  • Select the quality of meals and drinks as per your preference. 

Conclusion: The above content provides all the required information regarding the Southwest Airlines deals of $59, $49, and $29. And also the ways through which you can get the advantage of these. If you wish to know more, you can surf through the official website or contact the airlines through their different contact methods. These contact methods are available on the contact page of the airlines. 

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